Men’s crew stymies Donahue competition

This weekend, men’s crew traveled to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass., to compete for the Donahue Cup. The men challenged boats from the University of Rochester, WPI, Conn. College and MIT and captured the cup from MIT for the first time since 2006. The men also competed against boats from St. Joseph’s and Marietta and scrimmaged against Penn on April 2. Williams’ 1V and 2V boats topped St. Joseph’s and Marietta in the morning and dropped Penn in the afternoon’s 1V and 2V races.

The varsity men once again showed their speed by defeating the competition and finishing in a final time of 6:22.3. The men’s victory came despite winds gusting up to 15 mph. “The guys really showed up and executed,” co-captain Joey Kiernan ’11 said. “The 1V jumped out to a boat-length [lead] right off the start and continued moving throughout the whole race with a really solid base rhythm.” The men finished over 20 seconds ahead of WPI and more than 40 seconds in front of Rochester.

The 2V also pulled ahead quickly, besting both WPI’s 2V and 3V boats by a significant margin. After the first 1000 meters of choppy water, the men headed into calmer water and seized the opportunity to pull away from the competition, eventually taking first in the race.
The men also fielded two varsity fours in the weekend’s race. In a showcase of the team’s depth and power, both boats raced down the course to finish in first and second, respectively. The varsity fours were over 10 seconds in front of third-place finisher Rochester. The Ephs’ second varsity four maintained distance in front for the first 1500 meters of the course, but the boat’s competition came from within its own team: Williams’ first four was able to sprint ahead and ultimately snag first place.

The novice men lined up against Rochester and MIT. The Ephs placed second behind the Engineers with a time of 6:50.4. Rochester finished in third. “The [rookies] were beat off the line by a very strong MIT crew but had a solid race, finishing … a commanding 30 seconds ahead of third-place Rochester,” Kiernan said.

The team is satisfied with its results thus far in the season. “Both this weekend and last weekend were solid performances for the program,” Kiernan said.

Head Coach Peter Wells was “very pleased” with the results of the races this weekend. However, he said, “[the season] only gets more demanding and challenging – margins now only shrink each week, so we have to keep finding ways to push ourselves.”

With good weather along the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia, Pa., on April 2, the men took on teams from St. Joseph’s and Marietta in the morning and scrimmaged against the men of Penn’s lightweight team in an afternoon  competition.

The 1V men were quick off the line in the morning race, opening up almost a length lead over the first half of the race. They continued to push ahead, finishing eight seconds in front of Marietta and 14 seconds ahead of St. Joseph’s. Their winning time was 6:14.6. With similar success, the Ephs’ 2V also took seats from the start and steadily gained speed and distance throughout the race, crossing the finish line in 6:20.6. Wells credited “coming out of break a bit more rested” for the men’s early spring season successes.

“I think we were all a little nervous,” Kiernan said, “but [we] ended up proving to ourselves that our hard work this winter has really paid off.”
The novice men competed against St. Joseph’s and Marietta’s 3V boats. The men finished in third by a slim margin, pulling in three seconds behind St. Joseph’s and one second behind Marietta.

In the afternoon on April 2, the men launched again to take on the Penn lightweights. The Ephs finished first in the 1V and 2V races. The 1V sped ahead, finishing just over six seconds ahead of the Penn boat. The 2V finished ahead of Penn’s 2V and 3V boats by three and 33.7 seconds, respectively. The novice men ultimately finished with a time of 6:59.2, trailing 20.9 seconds behind Penn’s novice men.

The men will return to Lake Quinsigamond in Worcester, Mass., on Saturday and look to continue their successful spring season in the Little Three Regatta.

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