Debut near for Spring St. Pizza

After long months of piquing students’ csuriosity with a simple “Coming Soon!” sign on its front window, Spring Street Pizza will be open and ready for business in a few short weeks. Although the pizzeria will fill in just one of the noticeable gaps in store fronts along Spring Street, owner Thierry Breard is excited about the prospect of running his business as a low-key, student-friendly joint. “This will be a place where you can sit down with your friends, have a slice of pizza, relax and have fun,” he said.

Breard, who selected the Spring Street location for its centrality and proximity to the typically busy thoroughfare, wants his shop to have an upbeat and light-hearted vibe. “It is close to campus, so students can just walk over,” he said. Catering to a younger crowd is clearly high on Spring Street Pizza’s priorities; as Breard said, “there will be a TV, a jukebox, probably both, with music and places to sit down and hang out.” Thierry also expects to keep the restaurant open until 10 or 11 p.m., aimed toward student’s late night pizza runs.

The menu will follow typical pizzeria fare; although Breard is still in the process of finalizing the menu offerings, it is sure to include wings, salads, soups and, most importantly, pizzas that can be ordered in multiple sizes, including personal, family sized and by the slice. For those of age, a selection of beers and wines to accompany the meal will also be available. Prices, currently under negotiation, will be set to fit into the college student’s budget, starting at $2 to $3 for a slice of pizza.

As a native Parisian, Breard is determined to not do his food the injustice of incorporating processed ingredients. “Everything will be extremely fresh and made from scratch,” he emphasized, “including all the different salad dressings and soups.” The only ingredient not to be made from scratch in his shop will be the bread, which Breard states will be entirely organic and trucked in daily from the Housatonic area.

“Spring Street Pizza will be simple, fresh, fun and bold,” Breard said.

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