West to stay as quiet housing for 2011-12

On Thursday, Aaron Gordon, assistant director of Campus Life for residential programs and housing, and Gail Rondeau, Campus Life assistant, sent an e-mail to the student body stating that West College has once again been designated for quiet housing. Applications for the quiet housing lottery are now available on the College website.

This year was the first that the College dedicated a dorm to quiet housing for students wishing to live in a calmer environment. The implementation has been very successful, according to West Baxter Fellow Laura Calloway ’13. Calloway said that she knows “several students who will be reapplying for quiet housing.” She also mentioned that many other students around campus have declared an interest in applying this year.

Students living in quiet housing must abide by basic rules set up by the Quiet Housing Agreement after being accepted through the lottery process. The fundamental rule is that quiet hours be maintained at least from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m., but these hours can be extended as the community sees fit.

According to the e-mail sent out by Gordon, all students apart from freshmen are eligible to apply for quiet housing, and the Housing Committee enforces class and gender caps to ensure fair access for all upperclassmen. Applicants can apply for advanced placement status if they “feel they can demonstrate high need for this type of housing.”

The e-mail quelled speculations that quiet housing might be moved to a different location on campus. Gordon responded to this saying, “West has worked so well this year [that] I did not consider moving it to another location. In fact I wanted to keep as many of the variables the same to see how it functioned moving forward.” He added that Campus Life is still in the process of gauging demand for quiet housing.

Calloway stated that she felt “the location of [the current] quiet housing is the best it could possibly be,” adding that the noise of people walking by West on weekends is not considered a serious problem.

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