ACE to begin self-evaluation process

All Campus Entertainment (ACE) will begin a series of important discussions in the coming weeks to address some of the successes as well as perceived problems and concerns related to the group. After a redesign of the internal structuring of ACE last spring, which introduced several new committees and organizational changes, ACE has struggled with adjusting to the new system as well as with a lack of student involvement, which has made accomplishing various campus projects difficult this year.

“ACE has done really well with some of the changes and struggled with others,” said Jerusa Contee ’11, president of ACE. “The changes we made to the concert schedule have so far been really successful and we are pleased with the way everything turned out with the Homecoming concert.”

However, Contee did address the difficulties that ACE has encountered this year with a smaller number of students working on campus events and projects: “ACE has had a more difficult time adjusting to the new [general entertainment (GE)] committee this year,” she said. “We are still lacking the manpower we need to support the new committee and we are looking for more administrative and institutional support as well.”
ACE’s GE committee was reintroduced last spring to oversee all events that do not already fall under the purview of the three other committees: Stressbusters, First Fridays and concerts.

“[This year] the GE committee has organized parties, planned the new monthly Third Thursdays Jazz Nights in the ’82 Grill, brought in acts like the Regurgitator, hosted this week’s recent speed dating event and worked with various groups and students to co-sponsor events,” Contee said.
Funding has not been a problem for the group this year; ACE has in fact been able to orchestrate more major events on campus, such as the Kid Cudi Homecoming concert. ACE was given the full amount it requested from College Council (CC) for the GE committee this year and was not disappointed with the money it received for the concerts committee, according to Contee.

“Our First Fridays and Stressbusters committees are funded by the Office of Campus Life,” she said. “We have done well with that funding, staying within budget and putting on the type of events we would like to put on. The concerts committee is funded by CC. We were pleased with the allocation we were given last spring and have been able to accomplish our concerts goals for this year with the budget,” she said.
ACE will be holding a Spring Fling concert this year, as they were able to make enough money from ticket sales to the Kid Cudi Homecoming concert to fund the event later this semester. The talent has not yet been announced.

“It was a radical change in ACE’s previous concert schedule to have our large all-campus concert in the fall, versus over Spring Fling weekend, but the change itself was one strongly supported by the campus,” Contee said. “In previous years the spring concert was actually more of a financial gamble than this Homecoming was.”
According to Contee, in past years money was usually spent on concerts earlier in the year, so ACE would normally plan its Spring Fling event with a budget larger than what was left in its account, relying on the ticket sales from concerts to make up the difference at the end of the year.

“This year, however, all of the ticket revenue from Homecoming went back into ACE’s concert account to be spent on a spring concert, so we will be spending money we already have,” Contee explained. “We were able to make enough from the ticket sales to fund a medium-sized Spring Fling concert.”
Currently, ACE has no definite plans for the future, although it is currently addressing possible changes in future leadership and structure of the group.

“We are in discussions right now amongst ourselves, with CC and with administrators deciding how best to move forward, and [we] hope to be drawing some conclusions about how ACE will look next year within the coming weeks,” Contee said.

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