Kellogg House to be relocated for Stetson-Sawyer construction

The College has announced plans to move Kellogg House to a new location just a few yards northwest of its current location near Stetson Hall. The project is scheduled to begin sometime in June of this year, with subsequent renovations and the construction of a new addition to the building planned for next spring.

“The decision to move Kellogg was a combination of planning for campus needs and the regulatory requirements of building the new Stetson Library,” said Diana Prideaux-Brune, associate vice president for Facilities. “Kellogg House is immediately adjacent to Stetson, and as the design for the new library addition developed, we determined that Kellogg in its current location would adversely affect the design.”

The Kellogg relocation project was decided by consensus by the Stetson/Sawyer Building Committee, senior administration, Williamstown officials and state agencies such as the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The College believes that the relocation will be the best option in preserving Kellogg as an important historic structure on campus and providing an exceptional new library that can be built with the extra space the Kellogg relocation will afford.

The Center for Environmental Studies (CES) and the offices of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives will be housed in Kellogg House after the renovation. According to Prideaux-Brune, many of the programming uses of Kellogg House will be the same due to the fact that the CES is presently situated in Kellogg House and will continue to carry out its functions on campus from that location.

“However, the focus of the new design and renovation will be to enhance the CES program initiatives and to serve as an educational example of [the] best green house practices,” Prideaux-Brune said.

While the relocation is scheduled for June, the designers and building committee are still working on a detailed project schedule that will outline the exact location of the building and the proposed new addition to the house, which should be determined over the next few weeks.
Kellogg House was constructed in the 1790s and is one of the oldest buildings on campus today. The structure has been moved in the past: The original site of the house was on the north side of the present-day Route 2, where Hopkins Hall now sits.

Kellogg was the home of the College’s presidents until 1858, when Sloan House took over that purpose. In 1872, it was moved to the north of its property and was also turned 90 degrees to face west.

Then, in 1919, Kellogg was again scheduled to be moved, making way for the new Stetson Library to be built where the house stood. The house was moved north, turning 180 degrees to face east.

After housing several other departments, Kellogg was renovated in 1978 to house the CES.

“Not only is it important for the campus to remember [Kellogg House’s] history, but the reuse of existing structures is a sustainable method of providing space for the campus without building new ones,” Prideaux-Brune said.

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