Brunch hours to be extended by half hour in all dining halls

Beginning Feb. 13, brunch hours in each dining hall on campus will be extended by a half hour. Brunch will now be served on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The move to lengthen the dining hours came directly from the Food Committee, which is made up of appointed students and Dining Services managers and supervisors.

College Council Co-President Emanuel Yekutiel ’11 brought up the idea for the change in brunch hours as a student concern. “Dining Services said they would look into seeing if it would be feasible to extend the hours of brunch to accommodate more students,” Yekutiel said. “I e-mailed them a few days later, and they confirmed that the hours were going to be extended.”

“[The motion to extend brunch hours] came up at our Food Committee [meeting],” said Bob Volpi, director of Dining Services. “I told the Food Committee that I needed to look at it and needed to bring it up as a conversation with our leadership group.” The leadership group is composed of Volpi; Chris Abayasinghe, assistant director of student dining; Jeanette Kopczynski, assistant director of the Faculty House/Catering; and Mark Thompson, executive chef of Dining Services.

“We talked about what [the change in brunch hours] would mean in regards to staffing,” Volpi said. “We didn’t think that it would have an impact at all on our staffing and pretty much agreed that we should go ahead and make the change.”

Volpi said he believes that the extension in brunch hours is a positive move for the dining experience at the College. “I hope it’ll make the students feel more relaxed, and it will help us take care of that brunch meal without any last minute rushes,” he said. “[A 1 p.m. closing time] may have created a last minute rush, and I’m thinking that extra half hour might just give the staff a little more leeway in feeding [students].”

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