One in 2000: Carrie Tribble

When I initially set up an interview time with Carrie Tribble ’13, I was warned that she might be accompanied with the stench of horse at our scheduled meeting time. Understanding that the odor might offend me, Carrie graciously offered to shower before our interview and showed up to the Record office sans the perfume of her favorite equine creatures. Needless to say, I was thankful.

I must apologize now before our interview for my lack of background research on you. Normally I aggressively Facebook stalk the “One in Two Thousands,” but now that I am an editor emerita, I thought I would try winging it. But I know you’re from Hawaii! This weather must be intolerable in comparison.

Yeah, I definitely had a shock coming here for the winter last year because I hate wearing shoes. I talked to my suitemates in the summer before getting to Williams and made them promise to make me wear shoes in the winter. You know, because bad things can happen.

Yeah, frostbite can be a real bummer.

It would be quite unfortunate. Other than that, it’s not so bad. It’s mostly just the sense that everything is dead. I know that the trees aren’t actually dead … but they look … dead.

It also must be weird coming back here from winter break when everything is luscious and green and happy in Hawaii.

Yeah, I leave for break being used to the dead and in Hawaii it’s still sunny with birds chirping. Then I come back to Williams and it’s just silent.

Well, I know you’re on the equestrian team, but what do you guys actually do? Didn’t your barn burn down?

Oh … [Long pause.] I wasn’t aware of this. Wait, you’re talking about last year. We didn’t have a barn last year, and it was really annoying. We had to ride in this tiny field, just going around in circles. There was also this river on one side and my horse kept on trying to go in the river.

Do you generally ride with one horse? You must get pretty attached.

Yeah, I’ve mostly been riding this one horse, Bosco. He’s really adorable and fluffy and likes to cuddle and I really want to bring him back and keep him in the common room. That way when I’m late for class I can just get on him and ride to class. I feel like that would be great seeing some girl with a backpack on just galloping across campus.

I’m guess you are a pretty big animal enthusiast then.

Yeah, when I was a kid I didn’t really have imaginary friends, I had a herd of imaginary horses that lived in a trailer that was pulled behind my mom’s car. This was also an imaginary trailer, but I would get really angry with her if she walked directly behind her car because that’s where the trailer was.

Totally understandable.

I’d also pretend to ride them in circles around her office building. I would run around doing a gallop step and holding my hands up like I was holding reins … and I would neigh sometimes.

It’s good to keep it realistic.

Yeah, I’ve always hated unicorns because I always thought they were kind of like horses but it was as if someone thought that horses weren’t good enough and you had to improve on them. They also tend to be pink and glittery, which horses aren’t.

I had a friend who was obsessed with unicorns. She had a unicorn costume that was made for kids, so the crotch was really tight. Still a pretty sweet Halloween costume though.

Was there a horn?

Of course.

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t run into her then. I used to rip the horns off of unicorns when I saw them.

That’s, um, violent. Speaking of Halloween costumes though, I hear you went as Justin Bieber this year.

I was Justin Bieber … I still am Justin Bieber.

So it’s kind of a lifestyle?

Yeah, it’s not something you can just enter into lightly. Being Justin Bieber is a long-term commitment.

And your picture was posted on that blog, “Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber!”

Yeah, it was really exciting! I imagine that it’s pretty selective too, so you really have to embody the essence of Justin Bieber to be featured.

Sweet. What do you like to do on campus? You know, other than mutilating unicorns and moonlighting as a celebrity for tweens.

I’m really obsessed with squirrels. I talk to them sometimes, so if you see some strange person crouched down on the sidewalk and chirping …


Yeah, like … [Carrie proceeds to make a series of sounds mimicking squirrel noises. I can’t say they were particularly realistic.] I really want to catch one and train it to perch on my shoulder, but I hear they have rabies.

That’s … unique.

Sometimes my friends try to walk away discreetly and pretend they don’t know me. I’ve definitely gotten some weird looks too.

Are you like a squirrel whisperer then?

I haven’t actually been successful yet, but I feel like there’s no point in not trying to communicate with them. Maybe at some point I will succeed. I try to vary the call every time to see if it works.

Other interests?

I really like Lord of the Rings. I love the books, and sometimes I even speak Elvish.

Does that actually exist?

Yeah, it’s a complete language with its own vocabulary and grammatical structure. There are even various dialects. I have an Elvish dictionary that I use sometimes. I’m certainly not fluent, but I do memorize phrases from the books and movies. I think most true Lord of the Rings fans who read the books and appendices speak Elvish to a certain degree. They’ll recognize classic greetings like … [Carrie spews out more incomprehensible sounds. They seem indistinguishable from the squirrel chatter she demonstrated earlier.]

I’m not quite sure how to write that down …

Well, it’s in The Fellowship of the Ring. You can read the book and look it up.

Oh, okay. I guess I’ll get right on that. Any last crazy Williams stories for your fans?

That are printable? [Carrie is deep in thought for a couple of minutes.] Yeah, none of them are printable.

Well, I guess we’ll just end the interview with an air of mystery.

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