Committee narrows security director applicant pool

The search committee tasked with hiring the new director of Campus Safety and Security has received and sorted through 88 applications for the position. It is in the process of scheduling initial phone interviews with the final seven candidates. The committee expects to conclude the search in January.

“Finalists will be brought to campus for in-depth interviews,” said David Edwards, professor of anthropology and sociology, who has worked closely with Security and is chairing the search committee.

Other committee members include Ruth Harrison, director of Health Services; Jim Kolesar, assistant to the president for Public Affairs; Marlene Sandstrom, professor of psychology and chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Life; Doug Schiazza, director of Campus Life; Stephen Sneed, associate dean of the College and two students, Bridget Ngcobo ’12 and Glenn Yong ’11, who were both elected to the committee by College Council.

According to Danielle Gonzalez, employment manager for Human Resources, three or four candidates for the position are expected to be “invited to campus for a full day of interviews.”

“We are early in the process, so these numbers are subject to change,” she said.

Dean Bolton expressed confidence in the College’s ability to hire a new director next month and is looking forward to meeting the final candidates.

“We have a strong pool of applicants, and the committee is pretty much on the timeline of bringing candidates to campus for Winter Study,” she said. “Referrals will be made soon after, and the appointment will likely be made during Winter Study.”

The search for a new director began after the former director, Jean Thorndike, retired in June 2010.
According to the job listing for the position, candidates must possess “the ability to work collaboratively and positively with others, including the general student population as well as student leaders,” in addition to having worked in a professional role dealing with public safety or security for at least 10 years.

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