College hires director of communications

As part of its ongoing administrative reorganization process, the College has hired Angela Schaeffer to lead the updated Office of Communications. Before coming to the College, Schaeffer worked as director of communications and marketing at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences at Johns Hopkins University.

According to Jim Kolesar, assistant to the president for Public Affairs, the re-assembled Office of Communications will emphasize Web-based communications and will include several College staff members from the Alumni Review, Alumni Relations, the Williams College Museum of Art and the athletics department, among others.

The team will be organized so that one member is assigned to each of the three academic divisions as well as admissions and financial aid. Three staff members will “be redeployed to positions that will be determined by other reorganization discussions,” Kolesar said.

Schaeffer will begin at the College in January. According to Kolesar, her role will “focus on the school’s main communications and support its departments and offices in developing and maintaining their websites.”

Schaeffer began at Johns Hopkins in 2001 as a writer and editor within the school’s communication office before heading her own communications operation. Schaeffer reported to the school’s deans, including President Falk, who served as a dean at Johns Hopkins at the time.

Recently, Schaeffer has taught communications studies as an adjunct professor at the University of Maryland’s University College.

Prior to working at Hopkins, Schaeffer was a reporter for several newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Raleigh News & Observer and The Washington Post.

Schaeffer is a graduate of Dickinson College as well as the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

According to Kolesar, Shaeffer will, in effect, replace Associate Director of Public Affairs Jo Procter, who retired in June 2010, and Kolesar will remain in his position as assistant to the president.

In addition to hiring a new director of communications, the College is also looking to hire a director of Web operations, who will work closely with the office of Public Affairs.

“The two organizations are somewhat parallel,” Kolesar said. “The Web team will support offices and departments across campus” and will also work specifically with the Office of Communications.

The Office of Information Technology is also in the process of bringing Web director candidates to campus to give short presentations.

According to Dinny Taylor, chief technology officer with OIT, one candidate was brought to campus Dec. 2, and another will give a presentation Thursday.

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