1 in 2000: Amina Avril

After running into Amina Avril ’14 one too many times in the bathroom and hearing her yelling in her neighboring common room, it was time for us to be friends. Once I found out that she had been chosen as One in 2000, I jumped at the chance to get to know this character that I’ve been living next to. We met in my common room before Sunday brunch and got down to talking.

I hear you have a pretty awesome living space.

Well, I basically can’t see my floor. Nor can I open my door. There’s pretty much clothes everywhere.

Has it been like that from day one?

No, it started a month ago. I used to just leave all my clothes in the common room, so my suitemates made a box for me. They’d put all the stuff in the box and then put the box in my room.

How did having an Amina box make you feel?

I just feel like they understand me. But I promise I’m going to clean it today.



Are you comfortable with your room being so messy?

No! I think I leave it like that so I have no reason to go into my room. It prevents me from sleeping in there because you know I don’t have time for sleep. And I don’t like being by myself – that’s why I sleep in the common room.

How often do you sleep there?

Pretty often – last week I’d say about three times.

I’ve also heard you have an interesting bed.

Have you been stalking me? I feel like you premeditated these questions!

I know nothing.

Well, my bed is literally on the ground. It’s a bed frame with no legs. It reaches to just above my shins – I have to fall to get into it.

Was it like that when you got here?

Yeah, and I thought everyone’s bed was like this and you just had to buy bed-risers because the bed’s on the floor. But no, people’s beds are actually normal size and I just got left with this one.

Is that why you don’t like sleeping in there?

No, I love my low bed! I just kneel down and get in bed!

What do you want to do most while you’re at Williams?

Well I actually already have my dream job here – I work at the elementary school teaching second graders. That’s actually how I met [Political Science Professor] McAllister’s daughter Catherine. Later today I’m actually going to go see her.

You are?! Do you have anything in particular planned?

Yes, I do! Well, first I called my mom and she gave me things I should watch out for with kids. She said if they’re really quiet – like if you don’t hear anything from them – run and find them because they’re up to no good. She said that’s always the case.

You’re going to be such an amazing babysitter!

I think I want to tutor her while I’m there too. I hope she won’t hate me for this, but I want to make her do some practice math.

What if she doesn’t agree?

[Whispering] She has no choice. No, I’m just playing; I’ll do it with candy. You can’t say no to candy.

I also hear that you like to make up stories.

Well, my name was Shaquinta Lusa during First Days. People would be like, “Hey, what’s your name,” and I’d just say, “Shaquinta Lusa, what’s yours?” There’s even this one guy that still addresses me as Shaquinta Lusa. I also told people I had a baby during those times. Her name was Gracie.

Are you a compulsive liar?

Yeah, I just tell so many lies. But I tell the truth, even if it takes me a day or two. I’m also just a general creeper. You know, sometimes I just watch you here in your common room. I slowly open the door – you guys never hear me coming, that’s what’s so funny – and then I just SCREAM or something.

Sometimes I also hear you singing in your common room.

Yeah, I love to sing, but none of the a cappella groups chose me! I even tried out for the Springstreeters.

Why didn’t they accept you?

I don’t know – I did a pretty convincing imitation of a man! I had the moustache, I hid my breasts, I had on baggy pants, I wore a hat – no one knew I was a girl! And the way they hugged me, I think they were trying to find out. They said I had a low B flat – I was doing well!

That’s really impressive! But it still didn’t work out?

Yeah, they sent me an e-mail saying it was an all guys group and I couldn’t join.

It makes sense that you sing because you’re so loud.

I am! I can’t help it – my mom used to always try and quiet me down, ask me if I’m gonna be like this all my life. Well, I am! I like to make noise! When I come in the entry, sometimes I’ll yell, “Honey, I’m home!” They always know when I’m around.

This may be embarrassing, but I also hear that you have quite stinky feet.

Oh god, it’s my shoes! I don’t wear socks with them usually. Now I’m trying to wear socks so that the smell will transfer there. My suitemates just don’t let me take my shoes off in the common room anymore.

What do you wear to match your shoes?

Well, I love summer clothes. I asked my friend whether it was appropriate for me to wear them today, even though it was only 57 degrees.

What are you going to do in the winter?

I’ll adjust. Plus I’ll get new clothes because I’m addicted to online shopping. Every time I get a paycheck I spend it immediately. But I’ve been trying to stop because it’s not fun being broke.

So are you just going to go cold turkey?

I’m transferring all my money into my suitemate’s bank account.

Are you going to get an allowance each month?

I don’t know, I should ask her about that. It’s going to be a problem if I need more though. I’ll just have to punch her – she’s very soft.

Well, now that I’ve revealed all your secrets, what’s the one thing that you want the campus to know about you?

I’m a Jack-of-all-trades. No, no, a Jill-of-all-trades, master of all. I want to be great at everything, is that weird?

Not weird at all. Any last words?

I love you.

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