Making the most of Homecoming celebrations

Now that the alumni have departed and the tailgaters have moved their vehicles from Weston Field, the campus can reflect happily on another exciting Homecoming weekend. While reminiscing about the football team’s victory, the numerous parties and the fact that the snow held off until the weekend was over, we must also assess the successes and shortcomings of the weekend.

Undeniably, the College social scene can be difficult to predict or to orchestrate. Students demand more parties and options, yet one venue remains more popular than the others. While students waited in line outside Goodrich on Saturday, Greylock was so empty that security officers asked partygoers to bring their friends over. It seems that there are too many students for just one party, but too few to make multiple large parties successful. This type of imbalance might be corrected if students remind themselves – and each other – that being the first group at a new party is more fun that being jostled in a long line.

That said, it does not seem like the campus has the critical mass for two large party venues operating at once, and party planners would do well to also consider smaller venues when coordinating events. Although Saturday night was Greylock’s first foray back into the social scene, the fact that the Greylock party failed to succeed on the biggest weekend of the fall does not bode well. It remains to be seen whether Greylock and Goodrich can co-exist successfully, but administrators may need to rethink Greylock’s setup and purposes just to give it a fair chance.

Homecoming weekend also provided proof that change can be positive. The Kid Cudi concert was popular and well-attended, and it appears that ACE made a wise decision in moving the large-scale concert from the spring to the fall. Given the popularity of the concert, however, it would be prudent to reevaluate ticketing procedures. While the widespread ticket scalping indicated a good choice of artist, it may also hint at shortcomings in the system. In addition, it is important that the student-only presale be accessible to as many students as possible. For instance, while the Sunday afternoon presale was convenient for many, a number of athletic teams were away from campus during that time slot.

Over Homecoming, past, present and even future Williams students come together to celebrate the school spirit they share. Still, there is always room for improvement, and no weekend is more deserving of the attention.

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