CC reviews bike share program

This semester College Council (CC) has formed a committee to improve the bike sharing program it founded last spring. CC is currently in the process of purchasing bikes to replace ones from last spring that have gone missing. Additionally, a new security system is being installed.

“Bikes are an efficient way to get around campus, and the bike share program is a way for all students to have access to a bike without actually having to pay for one or deal with the hassle of storing it in the winter,” said Amanda Weatherhead ’12 who started the program last spring along with Rachel Rudson ’10.

Approximately 45 students signed up for the trial program last spring. Students were able to sign up without a registration fee, and they received personalized pin codes to access the keys to specific bicycles. This security system was located inside Paresky. Students were held responsible for the bicycles once they received the keys. If a bicycle was lost, the student who lost it would be charged the full cost of the missing bicycle. When not in use, the bicycles were stationed at the bicycle rack outside of Paresky.

“The trial run went well,” Weatherhead said. “The program was very popular.” However, there were a few glitches with the security system, as well as several incidents of theft.

“These issues are exactly why we had a trial program,” Weatherhead said. “We needed to work out all of the kinks so that the program could run smoothly.” CC decided last spring that should the program prove successful, it would likely be expanded to include more bikes.
There is not yet a set date for the furthering of the bike sharing program this year.

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