Mid-semester damages total $1750 for six houses

Since the beginning of the school year, student residences have incurred a total of $1790 in damages, which is about $540 more than this time last year.

According to Bea Miles, associate director for custodial services, Tyler House has amassed the highest fine for damages, totaling $444. Miles said $194 was charged to repair a hole in the wall of the first floor laundry room and $250 was charged to replace a solid wood chair that was damaged beyond repair.

Other houses with high damage bills include Morgan with $386, Dodd with $379 and Wood with $227. Miles said that Currier and Spencer have also amassed damage charges, but each is below $100. Currier’s damage bill is $15 and Spencer’s is $36. Currier, Dodd, Morgan, Spencer, Tyler and Wood are the only houses that have incurred damage charges, Miles said.

There have been five incidents of bio-cleanups this year, which is four more than this time last year, when only one bio-cleanup had occurred in Wood. Currently, two bio-cleanups have been necessary in Dodd as well as two in Goodrich Hall and one in Wood.
According to Joe Moran, the manager of safety and environmental compliance, bio-cleanups must be carried out to prevent contact with blood or other potentially infectious materials.

Miles said that over the years, “damages have been going down” in occurrence but noted that “there can be pockets of [residences] that tend to become problematic from year to year.”

“I believe students are seeing custodial staff differently, seeing them as assets and trying to know them as people and it has made for a more respectful relationship,” Miles said. “I think a lot of the credit for that goes to The Philosopher Kings movie many of us saw during Claiming Williams last year.”

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