Board of Trustees approves new VP for finance position

At the recent Board of Trustees meeting, which took place Oct. 15 to 17, the trustees voted in favor of President Falk’s proposed senior administration realignment plan (“New roles outlined, created for senior administrators,” Sept. 22, 2010). Specifically, the trustees approved the creation of a new senior administration position, presently known as the vice president for finance. According to Falk, the rest of the realignment, which primarily includes a reorganization of responsibilities in the deans’ office and the provost’s office, will proceed as laid out in his original proposal.

According to Greg Avis ’80, chair of the Board, the trustees were supportive of the proposal. “The College is a complex operation,” he said, citing the $200 million-plus annual budget. “A [chief financial officer] will handle tasks that will free the provost to work with the faculty and staff on budgeting and planning.”

The implementation date for the newly-reconfigured administration system is set for July 1, 2011, Falk said, as July 30 marks the date of turnover for term positions, most notably that of Provost Bill Lenhart.

To prepare for implementation, Falk and other members of the administration will continue the process of studying the roles, responsibilities and inter-workings of the senior staff.

“There are a lot of details to consider in this kind of reconfiguration – who will report to where, where people will sit, various jobs that will get realigned, how to implement the new system,” Falk said. “That’s what we’ll work on in the year to come.”

While most of the changes to the senior administration will involve internal shuffling, a national search process will pool candidates for the vice president for finance position. Falk said that while the details of the process have not yet been worked out, he expects the search to commence later this fall.

“As with any senior position, this hire will be handled carefully,” Falk said, adding that a search committee will be formed to guide the process.

According to Avis, the trustees will have no formal role in the hiring process but will likely be consulted.

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