Adapted Greylock Hall opens as new campus-wide programming space

Last Friday the former Greylock Dining Hall building reopened as Greylock Hall – a space for “programmatic use,” according to an all-campus e-mail from Doug Schiazza, director of Campus Life.
Greylock Hall can hold up to 487 occupants and will be managed by Schuyler Hall, student centers coordinator for Campus Life.
The repurposing of Greylock Hall came after the building’s dining facility closed in May.

Senior staff members made the final decision as to when and how to open the space to the campus, according to Hall.
“It was felt that the sooner we could get Greylock online, the better,” Hall said. “While there haven’t been any major retrofits to the non-kitchen areas, we did have to have considerable conversations with the powers-that-be to be sure that we provided a safe experience to anyone using the space. I expect growing pains as we determine how the space is best utilized, but these are things that are best worked out in practice [rather] than hypothetically.”

Hall, who also manages The Log, Goodrich and Paresky, indicated that Greylock’s integration into the reservation system is most comparable to that of the Log. Greylock has so far received one booking: a Homecoming dance party on the evening of Nov. 6 to be hosted by Spencer and Wood Neighborhoods. As of now, Greylock Hall can only be reserved in its entirety, but “this is subject to change in the future, and I’ll monitor the situation closely to see if and when this is viable,” Hall said.

Schiazza’s e-mail outlined the steps students must take to book and host a College event in Greylock Hall.

Discussions are still ongoing as to how costs and setup will play out for different types of bookings, as “cost will be variable depending on the scale of the event,” according to Hall.
“We’re still in discussions to standardize set-ups in Greylock so that events will have plug-and-play configurations, and definitive numbers on furniture costs won’t be known until then,” Hall said. “We’re working with Facilities to accommodate the space with janitors without using overtime, which is part of the reason we’re having Facilities involved in the approval process for reservations.”

The first resolution to make Greylock a programming space was created by Hall and Joya Sonnenfeldt ’10 in the spring when the pair served on Spencer Neighborhood Board.

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