Women’s rugby falls to UVM 29-7

After a week of work on solid game play, the WWRFC headed to Vermont Friday afternoon for a Burlington sleepover. The White Dawgs had taken Monday off for physical recovery after a tough loss to Norwich last Saturday and returned better than ever to prep for UVM. Expecting a game only somewhat easier than last week’s, the WWRFC planned for a defensive match. As the cold but sunny Saturday morning dawned after a refreshing night of sleep, the White Dawgs were ready for UVM.

The WWRFC came in strong despite mud puddles of oceanic proportions and an oddly wide but short pitch. Though the center of the pitch was underwater, neither team hesitated to jump right in. The women certainly took to heart the words of scrum captain Leah Lansdowne ’11: “Here is the opportunity for mud wrestling that I have been dreaming of!” Within the first five minutes, every player had experienced the puddle, and the match was fully underway. The White Dawgs put up a strong front, showing great continuity, and UVM had to fight hard for the three tries they tallied in the first half.

Following a first half deficit, Williams rallied with a wonderful scrummy try. The ball moved up the pitch, passing through the hands of nearly every scrummy before being touched down in the end by Lansdowne. Ariana Gonzalez ’13 successfully made the kick, bringing the White Dawgs’ total to seven for a 21-7 score. UVM managed to score two more tries in the second half, although the last was an unfortunately clever one scored by a girl who decided to dribble the ball up the pitch before falling on it in the try zone.

Despite the 29-7 final score, the White Dawgs could see that this match was not another Norwich, so to speak. Even with the score marking a loss, the teams were more evenly matched than either expected. The UVM team was overheard commenting that it had not expected Williams to bring so much to the pitch. Regardless of the loss, the WWRFC takes this match as a promising indicator of what the team still has to give. Head Coach Gina Coleman called the match a “wonderful game” with “brilliant” plays by every player on the pitch.

Coming off this match, the team hopes for a win against Smith this weekend, who, following the transitive property, is worse than the White Dawgs thanks to its more intense loss to Norwich a few weeks ago. As Norwich decimated Smith more intensely than the team pounded Williams, the White Dawgs are optimistic. Williams will host Smith at Cole Field at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

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