Sailing succeeds in two-regatta weekend

Sailing saw mixed results in Boston this weekend, with a great success at the Ross Trophy Saturday preceding a struggle to perform at the Smith Trophy on Sunday.

Competing at MIT on the Charles River, Williams encountered obstacles at the Smith Trophy regatta. Sailing in tech dinghies – a boat unique to MIT – the Ephs faced a steep learning curve.

“We found success in some races but struggled through a new boat and a new venue,” co-captain Andrew Lorenzen ’12 said of the race.

Sunday’s conditions were trickier, with winds from the northeast at 7-12 knots and longer race courses. Lorenzen and Sara Kang ’14 had optimistic beginnings, finishing ninth in their second race of the day, but both fleets struggled for positions at the starting line, causing them to fall behind the pack. Yale finished first in the Smith regatta, while Williams, despite the team’s best efforts, came in last amid a very competitive field.

Despite the last-place finish at the Smith, Head Coach Rich Cote is proud of his team.

“We’re a young team competing at the highest level,” said Cote, noting that the team is holding its own against the best sailors in the country by competing in these regattas.

The breeze was light and constantly shifting on Saturday as Williams arrived at the Ross Trophy, but the ‘A’ and ‘B’ fleets’ sailing improved rapidly as the Ephs adjusted to the new boats. The ‘A’ fleet team of Lorenzen and Kang placed 16th in its final race on Saturday. ‘B’ fleet, made up of co-captain Elizabeth Dorr ’12 and Emily Cook ’13, also placed 16th.

Saturday held perfect conditions for Josh Revkin ’13 and Molly McEntee ’14, who rounded out the Williams showing by sailing a Rhodes 19 in the Ross Trophy. The day was clear and warm with a 10 to 15-knot breeze from a northwest direction.

The skipper and crew were consistently in the top half of the fleet, despite the fact that their best race was cancelled due to a barge driving through the middle of the course. They were at the top of their game in the mid-morning, when they placed eighth and seventh in their first two races of the day, although the Ephs faced a minor setback in their final race when the wind began to die.

Williams finished just behind Tufts in 26th place, while Roger Williams ultimately took the first place trophy.

Sailing is looking forward to next weekend, when it will sail at Larchmont in the Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta.

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