Serving up the rap on That’s A Wrap

That’s A Wrap is one of the newest additions to the somewhat scant dining options on Spring Street, but it is most definitely a welcome one. Located in the space formerly occupied by Helen’s Place, this comfy yet chic sandwich shop is a convenient and tasty lunch destination for when you’re craving something a little more creative than what the Whitmans’ deli offers.

Unbeknownst to us, That’s A Wrap is currently only open until 7 p.m., contrary to the signs posted on their door. The employees explained to us that they simply haven’t been getting enough business late in the evening so the managers decided to shorten their hours for now in an effort to maintain profits.

The main dining area is relatively modern, but there’s still a homey feel. The various ingredients that are put in the sandwiches are on display, all looking fresh and delicious. We finally turned our eyes to the overheard menu and began perusing the abundance of options.

The indecisive ones of the bunch found the menu slightly overwhelming, but eventually each of us settled on a sandwich, wrap, panini, flatbread or salad. We learned that not only is it possible to substitute the bread type in your sandwiches, but there is even a “Create Your Own” option available so the menu choices are seemingly endless. Each sandwich or salad also comes with a bag of chips or a petite side salad. Each sandwich is served with a pickle, and the store offers a variety of cookies and cakes for dessert. For vegetarians, vegans or simply the carb-conscious, there were a variety of salads and vegetarian sandwiches.

To add to the food selection, That’s A Wrap also offers several specialty beverages. A smoothie entitled “The Raspberries” tempted one of our friends. There were multiple versions of this smoothie, but the cashier was quick to inform us that her favorite is the South Florida Raspberry, and indeed it turned out to be a great choice. With its bright shade of pink and its tangy yet sweet taste, the smoothie went far: Nearly all the entrymates found themselves asking for sips that turned into gulps.

When our orders arrived at the table, almost everyone was delighted with his or her choice. The two-bite salads were also surprisingly a hit. The chilled, sweet but mildly sour purple couscous was, in the words of Lucy Rollins ’12, “unreal,” so much so that she quickly reiterated, “No seriously, that couscous was amazing.”

When our food arrived, our orders were all presented lovingly on white square plates. The general consensus was that the flatbread was the messiest to eat, but sandwiches tend to leak sauce so this was not unexpected. If you do want something neater though, we definitely suggest going with the wrap option. Another dinner attendee commented that his “Honey Surprise” was a bit heavy on the honey mustard, articulating this sentiment by saying, “There was just a little too much surprise going on in there.” Nevertheless, the tasty blend of roasted turkey, melted mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato and roasted red peppers left him with an overall positive impression of his order.

Ania Lau ’14 ordered the BBQ honey chicken flatbread with a fruit salad and was very satisfied with her meal. The flatbread was perfectly toasted and just the right temperature so that she didn’t burn her tongue with the first bite. The savory sauce was definitely the dominant flavor and might have displayed a little bit of the “Honey Surprise” syndrome (too much sauce), but with the cheese, lettuce and tomato, the sandwich retained some balance. The grapes and honeydew in the fruit salad were cool and crisp – a light but refreshing conclusion to her dinner.

On the opposite end, Mari Edwards ’14 appreciated the abundance of sauce in his sandwich, exclaiming, “It’s as good as hell! It’s juicy.” Moments later, he muttered under his breath, “Never had a dry moment with this sandwich” Edwards’ “Teriyaki Twister” also contained honey mustard but was balanced perfectly with the melted mozzarella and the sweet and sour taste of the teriyaki chicken.

The pesto chicken flatbread purchased by Lily Nienstedt ’14 was probably one of the less successful orders. After having specifically asked for the peppers to be left off, she was not pleased to find peppers in her sandwich when it arrived. Ironically she felt that, if she had to criticize something, she would criticize the lack of sauce. The pesto was also not as nutty, flavorful or abundant as she had hoped. Fortunately, the fresh mozzarella was soft and aromatic, and the chicken was grilled to perfection.

Overall, the service was quite speedy and the dining experience pleasurable. That’s A Wrap’s delicious offerings are definitely on par with those found at Subway or Pappa Charlie’s; however it is the most upscale of the three, with a wider variety of choices and flavors. And with its reasonable prices and delectable specialty drinks, That’s A Wrap has definitely proven itself to be a new low-key favorite on our beloved Spring Street.

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