Norwich steamrolls women’s rugby

The WWRFC knew coming into Saturday’s match against Norwich that it would not be an easy one. The women began gearing up for a defensive match in the beginning of the week in an attempt to combat the army academy’s substantial fitness, but the women’s preparation couldn’t measure up to Norwich. Despite their best efforts, the White Dawgs fell 109-0.

On Saturday morning, returning players were pleased to note that Norwich had declined to bring along the cannon that the team had fired intermittently during last year’s away game. And so, with the peaceful, sunny stillness of the Purple Valley around them, the White Dawgs began their match.

It was a difficult start, as Norwich’s No. 7 immediately showed that she was a force to contend with. The Norwich offense did not let up, posting an early lead with constant tries scored throughout the half, and the number of Williams injuries from the sheer mass of the Norwich girls increased. Nearly every available White Dawg stepped in at some point, with much shuffling of players into new and untried positions. President Clair Embry ’11 played out the entire game as scrumhalf, giving an impressive showing at her first time in the role. Scrummies made remarkable tackles, led by scrum captain Leah Lansdowne ’11.

With the pain of the first half behind them, the White Dawgs came out against a more evenly matched Norwich team. With Norwich having taken out a few key players, the White Dawgs were able to hold their opponents to only half the number of points scored in the first half. Williams players continued to rotate, with three ruggers cycling through one prop position. Despite improvements from the first half, the women fell to Norwich 109-0.

Regardless of this tough loss, there were positive aspects to the match. Williams had a good deal to learn from Norwich’s impressive offensive play and will incorporate these lessons into its own game. Also, Smith College recently lost to Norwich 120-0, which, by the transitive property, makes Williams better than Smith. Hopefully this superiority will show through in the match against Smith two weeks from now. Finally, the nation can rest assured knowing that their army cadets are stronger than ever. With a going rate of one pushup per point scored, the ever-caring and charitable Williams girls helped the Norwich team to reach new heights of fitness. The country can thank the WWRFC for a better, faster, stronger army. You’re welcome.

The White Dawgs will next play at UVM on Saturday.

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