College Celebrity Doppelgangers

Ever take a second look while walking through the hallowed halls of Paresky Center? Ever think that the person on the other side of Driscoll is a celebrity but then remember … oh wait, you are in Williamstown and a celebrity presence here is highly unlikely? Never fear: The Record will alleviate all your concerns about awkwardly approaching the College’s own celebrity look-alikes by exposing the truth about these shockingly similar star doppelgangers.

Amanda McLaughlin ’13 and Denise Richards

As Amanda McLaughlin ’13 browsed Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, she was stopped and asked if she was Denise Richards, the famous model, Bond girl and former spouse of Charlie Sheen. McLaughlin responded truthfully but added, “Well, if you want to give me free stuff or anything” that would be cool. McLaughlin herself did some modeling for Teen People in her freshman year of high school in a horoscope-related photo shoot. McLaughlin shares more than just her looks and modeling career with Richards – they are also both of the Aquarius sign. Despite this cosmic occurrence, McLaughlin does not envision herself as a complete reflection of Richards. “I like to talk, and I’m kind of loud and dramatic, but I don’t think that I could act,” she said. Luckily, neither can Denise Richards, the winner of the 2000 Worst Supporting Actress Razzie Award at the Golden Raspberry Awards.

James Klemm ’13 and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Going into his interview, James Klemm ’13 was prepared to answer questions about his resemblance to James Franco. Beyond sharing the same first name, Klemm was chosen for his similarities to Franco in Annapolis. Once the interview unfolded, an even more pronounced doppelganger emerged victorious: Freddie Prinze Jr. Klemm explained the context of this comparison, “The basketball team was just hanging out and James Wang [’12] all of the sudden said, ‘You look a lot like Freddie Prinze Jr.’ For the rest of the night he just started calling me, ‘Hey Freddie! What’s up Freddie?’” While Klemm sees the comparison in terms of his darker features, he hasn’t really subscribed to Freddie Prinze Jr.’s work. Klemm particularly harbors “negative” opinions about Prinze’s portrayal of Fred in the 2002 Scooby Doo movie but ultimately is “flattered to be compared to an actor and a stud.”

Lisa Jaris ’12 and Michelle Trachtenberg

Lisa Jaris ’12 had a “slight identity crisis” after she was consistently mistaken for the character of her first grade Halloween costume, Harriet the Spy, who was played by Michelle Trachtenberg in the 1996 movie. Jaris dressed up in a “yellow raincoat, sunglasses and carrying a composition notebook” to play the role. In fact, Jaris confessed, “I still keep a journal to this day,” much like Harriet. While Jaris has never seen Trachtenberg’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she does identify with the vampire craze that has taken over the nation as a self-identified Team Edward fan. Jaris even follows Trachtenberg’s current role as Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl, a show she watches every week with her entry.

Chris Fox ’11 and Jack McBrayer

For Chris Fox ’11 and Jack McBrayer (aka Kenneth Parcell on 30 Rock) the similarities protrude beyond the surface. A Frosh Revue alum and current member of the Combo Za and DHS Sketch Comedy groups, Fox is reputed as a campus funny guy and can deliver a line with the same gusto as McBrayer’s Kenneth. “We’re both optimistic, happy people who lead tours,” Fox said. “You will see me all year in this blue WOOLF jacket, which is very similar to the page jacket only cooler … Kenneth and I are like cartoon characters in that we are wearing the same thing every day.” Fox loves television and with “The Office, 30 Rock and Chuck, NBC wins” for his favorite network. Fox added, “At one point, I thought I was going to be Kenneth for Halloween but then I realized it required so much flare and possibly an accent that I can’t really do very well. I guess I’ll have to work on it.”

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