CC sees average turnout elections

On Monday, College Council (CC) announced its fall election results. Positions filled included Honor Committee representatives for each class, neighborhood at-large representatives and first-year house representatives. Also voted on were a series of CC constitutional amendments, which passed overwhelmingly. Turnout was average, at approximately 50 percent, according to Emanuel Yekutiel ’11, CC co-president.

Constitutional changes, which were approved by a margin of 750 to 53, modify a variety of constitutional items. Some changes are strictly clerical – explicitly stipulating the length of first-year house representatives at one semester, changing the name of House Governance Boards to Neighborhood Governance Boards, increasing the maximum size of the finance committee from eight to 15 members and designating students to serve as liaisons between CC and other College committees.

Other changes more significantly affect CC’s internal structure. One item designated College Council Campus Committee (CC Campus) as the de facto replacement for CC whenever CC is not in session. CC Campus consists of the three class representatives and the community and diversity representative.

Yekutiel explained that this stipulation allows student groups to obtain funding earlier in the year due to changes in Financial Com-mittee (FinCom).

“It’s always been the case that [CC Campus] meets in September instead of a full CC, since CC elections don’t happen until three weeks into the semester,” Yekutiel said.
Previously, no CC group was able to allocate funds until CC’s first meeting.

“This is the only significant change to CC Campus,” Yekutiel said. “The committee will assume the same roles in the future.”

The most significant amendment, according to Yekutiel, specifies changes to the position of the all campus representative with a specific focus towards community and diversity, formerly known as the all campus representative with a specific focus towards minority concerns.

In addition to serving on the grievance committee, the modified position will also serve on Minority Coalition, FinCom and the Community on Diversity and Community (CDC).

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