1 in 2000: Cedar Blazek ’13

I sat down with sophomore softball player and Students for a Sensible Drug Policy member Cedar Blazek ’13 over Sunday brunch in the bustling Driscoll Dining Hall. Sporting a brightly colored shirt, hemp necklace and a new short haircut for the fall, Blazek gave me the lowdown on life in the chill lane, from the wonders of hacky sack to her new tattoo.

I guess I should start at the beginning: Any special routine to begin your day?

Usually I try and set my alarm for somewhat early and fail to wake up. Then I rush and take a shower and try to get to breakfast as quick as possible. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be the largest meal. I typically eat at Mission because Paresky is not good this year.

So describe a typical day in the life of Cedar Blazek.

Weekday: I wake up super early for my eight thirty or nine o’clock class, go to class for most of the morning and then I’m off at noon, so usually I hang out in my room for a while, maybe go slacklining with some friends, try to meet up with a couple of kids, softball practice, maybe a workout, dinner, then avoiding homework by hanging out with as many people as I can. I keep myself distracted.

You’re beginning your second year here at the College. What exactly is your definition of the “sophomore slump?”

My sophomore slump is probably that I’ve been having way too much fun here and neglecting my work. I’ve been trying to hang out with lots of people, I guess.

Any interesting hobbies preventing you from getting work done?

I hacky sack but nobody around here plays, so it’s hard to get a good hack going.

What do you think of a hacky sack club?

That would be a wonderful idea.

I saw you around campus, often on a skateboard, last year. Are you still up to that?

Definitely. I started getting more into long boarding last summer. I definitely want to go out before the snow comes.

How do you introduce yourself to someone you’re meeting for the first time? I heard you have a special way of helping people remember your name?

I got a tattoo this summer with a tree on my back, a cedar tree.

Favorite weekend activity?

Traveling. I’ve been really lucky this year that I’ve been able to go to New York City and Boston and Northampton – really cool cities. We went to the Boston Freedom Rally on the Boston Commons. It’s the second largest cannabis reform rally in the nation. I went with a whole bunch of students from Students for a Sensible Drug Policy. We went to meet up with our [SSDP] chapter.

How are things going with SSDP this year?

Really great club this year. We’ve been really active.

If you could choose to host your own party in Goodrich, what would be its theme?

An Alice in Wonderland-slash-Mad Hatter tea party. I love Alice in Wonderland, and I think it would be awesome to have everyone dress up in costume and drink tea.

And you would dress up as …

I would probably dress up as the Queen of Hearts, not that I have anything to do with her at all, but I think it would be a fun costume to wear.

Who would be three people on your guest list?

First of all I would want to invite Shakira, because she is my favorite celebrity. I would invite Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. And as for the third one, we would have to have a real white rabbit – a live, fuzzy white rabbit with a pocket watch.

Hookup culture at Williams: yay or nay?

Yay so far. Last year, I didn’t experience any of it. I was in a serious relationship back home with my boyfriend back in Colorado.

Do you have any memorable experiences this year?

I don’t know if I should be telling that. No, but I’ve definitely had some good times this year. So far.

Okay, I’m sure you love multiple-choice tests, so here goes. Complete the following phrase with the most appropriate word: All you need is …”

a) love
b) a louder alarm clock
c) a year supply of Sushi Thai
d) all of the above

I feel like it should be all of the above, but I would definitely answer a) love.

Here’s a true or false question for you: Entry incest is almost always awkward.

Definitely not. Free love, man. You shouldn’t be restricted with who you should hook up with just because Williams puts you next to them in a dorm.

Pretend you could admit one celebrity to the Class of 2013 at Williams. Which celebrity would you choose?

I would pick Christian Seriano from Project Runway. He would be fabulous. He’s an amazing designer and also a ridiculous person.

What class would you like to have with him?

If we had a fashion design class, I would love that. But I guess a studio art class.

What are your future plans for after college?

I want to fight for sustainability. With all my environmental studies classes I’ve been taking I’ve been so motivated, and I realize that our society is not going in the right direction.

So then, in your opinion, what is the right direction?

An end to consumerism. But it’s terrible, because I’m such a consumer.

Do you know what you want to do next year?

I want to go abroad to New Zealand. I desperately want to go there.

In summing up our interview, why don’t you sum up your Williams experience so far in five words.

Wonderfully, ridiculously, absurdly, fantastically, good.

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