Search committee to choose director of security

Since the June 30 retirements of Director of Campus Safety and Security Jean Thorndike and Operations Supervisor Mike Butory, the department has seen logistical changes, spreading the same amount of responsibility among fewer employees.

Security officer duties include staffing campus events, facilitating crime prevention programs, operating payroll and record-keeping. These tasks have been divided up between two of the control supervisors.

Following Thorndike’s departure over the summer, Dave Boyer stepped in as interim director of Campus Safety and Security.

“I am leading the department more, interacting on different levels,” Boyer said. “I am involved in things that pertain to the College as a whole instead of events that just pertain to Security or the campus at large.”

While Boyer temporarily fills Thorndike’s former role, the College plans on forming a search committee tasked with seeking a permanent director of Campus Safety and Security.

Although the committee has not yet been formed, Dean Bolton said that the search committee will be composed of students, staff and faculty. College administration will work with College Council within the next few weeks to find students for the committee.

“The committee could not be formed before September because we needed to wait for students to be back on campus, as their participation is crucial,” Bolton said.
She said that the search committee, when formed, will be looking to hire an applicant with ten or more years of experience “working with a diverse population of college-age students.

“A demonstrated commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion is a necessity,” Bolton added.

The director of Campus Safety and Security is responsible for the complete operation of the department. Duties include managing budgets and human resources and maintaining good relationships with all campus constituencies as well as town and local officials. The director also leads the College’s emergency preparedness committee and conducts some investigations with the Dean’s office.

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