Let’s grow up

To the Editor:

Jess Torres ’12 in her op-ed piece “Hands off, please: the importance of responding adequately to unwelcome sexual behavior at Williams” uses the word a– a total of five times in her three column article. I’m curious as to the signage for this piece of anatomy as utilized in The Williams Record. Is this the writer’s or the Record’s preference or policy? Considering that Webster’s [Dictionary] spells it like it is: “ass: a vulgar expression for the buttocks,” it seemed prudish for a college publication in the 21st century to portray it as was done. After all, we weren’t talking about b–b or even worse. Oh sorry, boob is also in Webster’s [Dictionary] as a slang or vulgar usage for the female breast, even though it, too, has found its way into public usage. I am not denigrating the gist of the message Jess is making, since it is timely and commendable; rather I am questioning whether in the purple bubble we are really in need of such verbal protection from the real world.

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