Campus Life increases Log accessibility

The white clapboard building on Spring Street might seem indistinguishable from any number of buildings in Williamstown, but despite its nondescript appearance, The Log, formerly a campus bar, is poised to make a comeback at the College.

Schuyler Hall ’10, Campus Life student centers coordinator, said that he is working to make the space more welcoming and student-friendly.

Hall said he hopes to see morecampus events held there.
He envisioned the idea for a Trivia Night event, helping utilize The Log as a social space.

“The Log used to be the party spot on campus,” Hall said.
“We’re pushing for this space to be more regularly used because of the historic importance of the venue to the Williams community.”

Hall said that The Log is “home to countless relics of the College’s history,” including trophies, banners and photos of alums.

Now the triple-digit capacity space plays host to big-screen televisions, foosball tables, pianos, a performance stage and a bar equipped with a liquor license held by Dining Services.

Hall said that The Log, which he described as “a more intimate, more historically rich Goodrich,” is intended to be a versatile space for events ranging from lectures to jazz band performances to dance parties.

In addition to the new Trivia Nights, the College’s Log Lunches (hosted by the Center for Environmental Studies), alumni functions and other events have been held at The Log for years.

Hall said that contrary to common hearsay, The Log had never technically been closed.

And now, he wants to make it known to students that the campus space is here for their use.

Hall said that his goal and the goal of Campus Life is to act as “facilitators of a College experience” and make the somewhat hidden space on Spring Street one that is more attractive and more accessible to students.

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