ACE’s bold moves

With the shift of this year’s principal concert from Spring Fling to Homecoming and the recent announcement of Kid Cudi as the headline act, we commend All Campus Entertainment (ACE) for implementing changes beneficial to both the student body and to ACE itself. Moving the concert not only affords ACE the ability to book acts and spaces more difficult to reserve in the spring, but also allows ACE members to plan concerts during the summer without the stresses of the academic year. Moreover, we are pleased that ACE has responded so quickly to disappointments after last year’s Spring Fling, and the prospect of enjoying a high quality concert in a little over a month has us salivating.

However, the restructuring of ACE’s yearly concert schedule and its own internal makeup leaves questions that will be answered only as the year progresses. The Homecoming concert can play host to more prominent artists because ACE now allocates its entire concert budget to the event. As a result, ACE’s concert budget for the remainder of the year will be entirely contingent on Homecoming ticket sales, which ACE has not yet projected. ACE is betting heavily on the quality of its Homecoming concert, and we can only hope that the gamble will pay off.

This year, ACE has also regained sole responsibility for all-campus party-planning now that neighborhood boards can no longer host all-campus events. We are uncertain how conferring this responsibility on ACE alone will affect weekly entertainment prospects. While on a small campus like ours, it is not inherently problematic for a single committee to handle all campus-wide programming, the events must attract a large, diverse pool of students.

In recent years, party planners had options: They could join ACE or serve on any one of the Neighborhood social committees. The centralization of ACE’s newly-restored general entertainment committee could potentially diminish student investment in planning events. There is no reason to lose this excited and talented group, as ACE will still need active committee members enthusiastically engaged in organization and all aspects of event-planning.

It will be important for other campus organizations to give support through this transitions. College Council showed receptivity last spring in awarding ACE its concert budget in advance, giving ACE a fair chance to try something new. ACE has called for a more centralized role in student event coordination ever since the advent of neighborhood committees. ACE has the responsibility back. We expect it to effectively meet its own demands.

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