Letter from the Record board to CC representatives, morning of May 12

Dear College Council representatives,

We are sorry to be e-mailing you again after so few days, but we wanted to take one last chance to have our voices heard before you vote. We also believe that it’s only fair to let you know that one of our editorials in today’s paper addresses the Record’s financial situation and the CC vote.

The key point of the editorial is that the Record only has value to the campus if it maintains its independence over all its articles and pages. That said, as decision-makers, there is additional specific information that you should know before voting.

We have complete confidence that we can make a full page of ads work to CC’s and the campus’ advantage. We are flexible about whether this means a full page of ads, two half-pages of ads, or a full page worth of ads spread throughout the paper. We are more than willing to take on the solicitation from student groups and design of any number of ads that CC wants to stipulate each week.

We understand that there is no way to predict how many student groups will want to advertise in the Record. However, based on inquiries we’ve had from student groups seeking to advertise, as well as the volume of posters across campus, we believe that there will be no shortage of things to put on a full page of ads.

Aesthetics are important to us. We want you to know that any time our advertisers are amenable, we reformat advertisements to make them more visually appealing – regardless of how much content or how many ads need to go on a page. It is a matter of pride for us to make sure that every part of our paper – including advertisements – looks professional.

We would also like to say that we fear that CC purchasing 1 in 2000 blurs the line that none of us want to cross. Although 1 in 2000 does not usually have editorially sensitive content, having any article appear on a page that says “sponsored by CC” or “paid for by CC” would raise questions about the Record’s editorial independence. We believe this would be detrimental to both CC and the Record.

Finally, we just want to say that we are putting all this effort into the production and funding of the Record because we believe that students value having an independent newspaper on campus. We see it  every Wednesday morning when we walk into Eco Café to a line of people holding the paper. We hear it when people talk about Conventional Wisdom while sitting next to us in class. We would be more than happy to discuss any part of this, or other questions, before your vote.

Thank you, as always, for your time,
Yue-Yi Hwa, Editor-in-Chief
Laura Corona, Managing Editor
Matthew Piltch, Executive Editor
Katy Gathright, Executive Editor
Julian Hess, Production Editor
Austin Davis, Photo Editor

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