CC resolution, passed evening of May 12

2010-2011 Williams College Council

Resolution 19-1011

Introduced on May 12, 2010

Author(s): Jamal Jefferson’11

Co-Sponsor(s):  Emanuel Yekutiel’11, Ifiok Inyang‘11

Resolution to Preserve The Williams Record


The Williams Record is not a College Council sponsored organization. They are an independent entity that has for many years received revenue through ads and subscriptions.


The Williams Record approached the College Council for financial support, in the 2010-2011 school year, first to deal with a more than $16,000 debt and then to establish a relationship that would allow them to continue to print. Over the past few months, council has conducted many meetings with the Record to arrive at a workable solution.


Any money allocated to the Record would need to be allocated in the face of increased demands for funding next year, a variety of council initiatives that will increase the burden on the Student Activities Tax including transportation funding, along with the elimination of Co-Sponsorship responsibility of the Office of Campus Life, The Neighborhood Governance Boards, and the Academic Departments as substantial funding sources for student groups and all-campus events.


Any relationship to be struck with The Williams Record would only be made valid for the Fall 2010 semester to be evaluated during Winter Study 2011.


The College Council has no intention to control in any way the editorial content of The Williams Record and would be in breach of this resolution if that were to occur.


College Council recognizes The Williams Record as an important organization that informs the community of issues that may go unrecognized without its existence.  A creative compromise shall be made to ensure that The Williams Record does not lose its quality, integrity and impartiality.


The Williams Record projects a debt of up to $450 in debt per week for the 2010-2011 school year and is in need of the assistance of Council to address this consistent debt.

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the Williams College Council:

1.Will allocate $332 of SAT be allocated to fund a full page in the record for 10 issues in the coming Fall 2010 semester to the amount of $3320.

2. One half of that page will be dedicated as space for the advertisement of student groups and campus events with the discretion of College Council. The other half of that page will contain the 1 in 2000 section.

3. That, it be printed above the advertisement section of the page “The printing of this page is funded by College Council” in a noticeable fashion.

4.  That the Record will be responsible for closing the remainder of the gap in a manner the Record chooses without the aid of College Council funds. These efforts will be part of the evaluation process in Winter Study 2011 to determine future funding. The College Council Treasurer will be responsible for the oversight of how the Record closes this gap to ensure that the Record does not go into debt.

5. The College Council Treasurer will be allowed to oversee the Record’s Finances to ensure they remain out of debt, with the understanding that there are large fluctuations in costs on a week to week basis.

First Reading: May 12, 2010

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