CC votes to pay for one page of ads in the ‘Record,’ with One in 2000 stipulation

At the College Council (CC) meeting yesterday, CC representatives voted in favor of a resolution to allocate $332 of Student Activities Tax money to the Record for each of the 10 issues of the fall semester. $322 is the price of a full-page, black-and-white advertisement in the Record, after a 20 percent discount for campus advertisers, and a 10 percent frequent user discount.

The resolution stipulates that: “One half of that page will be dedicated as space for the advertisement of student groups and campus events with the discretion of College Council. The other half of that page will contain the 1 in 2000 section.” The resolution also states that: “it be printed above the advertisement section of the page: ‘The printing of this page is funded by College Council’ in a noticeable fashion.’”

Very early Wednesday morning in advance of the evening’s meeting, the Record board had sent an e-mail to CC representatives explaining its concerns with the One in 2000 half-page model and outlining a plan for CC utilizing a full page of ads each week. The Record board had earlier sent an e-mail to the CC listserv last week through the CC co-presidents, Emanuel Yekutiel ’11 and Ifiok Inyang ’11.

Both of the letters, as well as the CC resolution, are reproduced below.

The Record board will convene from May 25 to 28, as it produces the annual Commencement Issue, to discuss the upcoming year.


CC resolution, passed evening of May 12

Letter from the Record board to CC representatives, morning of May 12

Letter from the Record board to the CC listserv, May 6