UPDATE: Faculty approve graded Winter Study course, Claiming Williams Day

At the faculty meeting Wednesday, Williams College faculty voted to pass two motions: first, for three-year trial of a regularly graded Winter Study course that would both count at Winter Study credit and make up one academic deficiency; and second, to regularize Claiming Williams Day in the College calendar. Both motions passed by voice vote.

The Winter Study class motion was presented by David Zimmerman, professor of economics and chair of the Committee on Education Policy (CEP). The approved motion reads as follows:

“Starting WSP [Winter Study Program] 2011, a regularly graded course will be offered that may be used to make up an academic deficienty incurred in the previous fall as well as meet the WSP requirement. The course shall give preference to first-year and sophomore students. The CEP shall review the practice after three years and report to the faculty on the effectiveness of the course.”

The Claiming Williams Day motion was presented by Ed Epping, professor of art and faculty director of the Multicultural Center, on behalf of the Claiming Williams Steering Committee. The motion stated:

“We move that the first Thursday of each Spring semester be dedicated as Claiming Williams Day. The first class meeting of all Thursday Spring semester classes will occur on the Wednesday immediately preceding Claiming Williams Day. On Claiming Williams Day, no classes are held; all athletics practices (varsity, junior varsity, and club sport) will conclude no later than 9:00 am; and all students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the events of this community-building day.

“In the relevant portion of the previously approved 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13 calendars, “dead week” will be shorted by one day in order to insert into the Spring semester “Claiming Williams” day on February 3, 2011; February 2, 2012; and February 7, 2013.

“This format of maintaining the standard length of Winter Study and shortening “dead week” by one day will be followed in ensuing years.”

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