The wave effort

To the Editor:

I’m about to graduate (hopefully), and I’ve decided to leave this school a little piece of wisdom I’ve picked up in my 22 years. Actually, to call it wisdom is a bit of an exaggeration because I’ve seen a 5-year-old do it. Here it is:

If someone jumps out in front of my car – again – at a crosswalk and doesn’t give the courtesy wave – the wave that says I know I’m jaywalking but this is Williamstown – I may puke.  I realize that, as Williams students, many of you believe that the most important thing in the world is your project on isotropic butterfly mating.  But few, at best, recognize or care that Mongolian 4th century B.C. sandstone was particularly well suited for dinner plates. What people do care about is a little flick of the hand.

I’m not asking you to go wash the car’s window, shake anyone’s hand or sing them a song. Just pick up either hand and lift it up a little bit; if you’re in a good mood you can even go for eye contact. I realize that for some Williams students this may be a bit difficult, because I have seen people walk with arms stuck to their sides. One piece of advice: It’s easier to walk if you move your arms (although not as funny to watch). So, Williams pedestrians, just give a wave of the hand.