CC slated to vote on ‘Record’ funding tonight

Following discussion at last Wednesday’s College Council (CC) meeting, CC representatives will vote tonight on a resolution to allocate money to the Record next semester in the form of ad revenue or an alternative funding structure. If passed, the funding will be subject to re-evaluation in January 2011.

The Record is at present funded by subscriptions and advertisement revenue, both of which have suffered due to the economic downturn.  According to CC co-presidents Ifiok Inyang ’11 and Emanuel Yekutiel ’11, CC will be voting on whether or not to support the Record with an additional revenue stream. The motion that CC Campus is likely to sponsor at the meeting will propose that CC pay for the equivalent of a full black-and-white page of ads, which amounts to $332.50 per week, for the 10 issues of the fall semester. CC Campus comprises the co-presidents, secretary, treasurer, class representatives and the minority concerns representative.

Due to concerns on the part of CC representatives regarding the logistics of filling a full page with advertisement content, the CC proposal will suggest using half the page for advertising and the other half for “One in 2000,”a Record feature that showcases different students each week. “‘One in 2000’ is the article that most encompasses the entire community,” Inyang said.

A full-page black-and-white ad in the Record costs $1100 for national advertisers and $475 for local adverisers. For color ads, the prices are $1430 and $618 for national and local ads, respectively. On-campus advertisers pay 20 percent less than the local rate. The $322.50 weekly price quoted to CC incorporates an additional 10 percent discount for frequent usage.

The proposal that CC representatives will vote on involves approving such a model for only the 10 issues of the fall semester. At that point, Yekutiel said, CC will re-evaluate the model.

At last Wednesday’s CC meeting, Record editor-in-chief Yue-Yi Hwa ’11 presented information about the Record’s revenue and expenditure. No conclusion was reached in the discussions following the presentation despite CC voting to extend the meeting by 15 minutes.

Tonight’s vote will conclude discussion of the issue among CC representatives, as Yekutiel confirmed that CC intends to resolve the matter at this last CC meeting of the semester.

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