Admission yield exceeds 44%

As the last few deposits for the Class of 2014 trickle in, 533 of the 1202 admitted students have confirmed their intention to matriculate at Williams College next fall for a yield of 44.3 percent. The current yield figure 3.6 percentage points less than last year’s 47.9 percent, when the College yielded 550 students of the 1148 admits.

Given a target class size of 550 students, Director of Admission Dick Nesbitt said that the admission office expected to draw relatively few students from the waitlist. Nesbitt stressed that the current figure of 533 is subject to change and did not dismiss the possibility of hitting the target without drawing from the waitlist.

“We’ll wait to see how things shake out this week before deciding if we should move to the waitlist,” Nesbitt said. He noted that some deposits postmarked late last week will continue to arrive throughout this week. In addition, four students obtained one-week extensions for financial aid reasons.

Even if the target of 550 is met, the admission office anticipates a certain degree of “summer meltback” from students who defer matriculation for a year or get off the waitlist at other schools, necessitating the creation of a “cushion” consisting of additional students selected from the waitlist. Five students have thus far deferred, and Nesbitt expects to see a further decrease of five to 10 students who are currently registered to matriculate with the Class of 2014.

Nesbitt said that the summer melt’s volatile nature precludes precise estimates of the cushion’s size. “We go cautiously until you see what the trends are,” he said. “If it looks like if we do draw from the waitlist, it will be for a relatively small number, at least in the short term.” Despite this uncertainty, he cited a cushioned target of approximately 560 students as ideal.

Out of the 533 students thus far enrolled, 53 percent are women and 47 percent are men, in contrast to the 55:45 gender ratio of accepted students. Sixty-two matriculants are African American, 71 are Asian American, 48 are Latino and 6 are Native American. According to Nesbitt, it is still too early to comment on statistics regarding athletic tips, legacies or students on financial aid.

Thirty-one international students have submitted deposits to make up 6 percent of the class, although that number could increase by four students. While this is matches the 6 percent of international students in the Class of 2013, it falls below the 8.6 percent of the Class of 2012 and the 9 percent of the Class of 2011 (“Admission adopts need awareness for internationals,” Feb. 17). Nonetheless, the yield of international students – approximately 33 percent – is consistent with that of previous years.

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