Women’s rugby mangles Keene State 59-5

Last Saturday, the Williams women’s rugby football club (WWRFC) played the third match of its spring season against Keene State at the women’s home pitch on Cole Field. The White Dawgs obliterated their opponents, 59-5.

The match began with a beautiful kick by co-captain Hannah Rosenthal ’10, who did not know her own strength: The ball sailed beyond the delineated try-zone boundaries, so the referee awarded a scrumdown to Keene State at the 50. This would only prove to be the first of many whistles from the too-tight referee. Rosenthal, however, soon proved that no whistle could stop her by quickly planting the White Dawgs’ first try of the game only minutes in with a resounding thunk after an extended run.

Unparalleled continuity in the line produced the exceptional number of linie tries. After a quick adjustment to her hairband, fly-half Sarah Franklin ’10 began the series of quick passes down the line that ended in the hands of left wing Brittni Micham ’10. Aided by her gazelle-like form, Micham had no problem brushing off the Keene State defenders, who were left in a whirlwind of her dust, and Micham promptly secured the White Dawgs’ second try of the game. Inspired by the linies’ performance, Leah Landsdowne ’11 and Dilia Ortega ’13 then made runs up the field, uncharacteristic of their formal pack training. Prop Xio Pinto ’12 tried to join in the fun, but the referee felt that she had jumped the gun and sent her to the penalty area, the first occurrence of its type in the White Dawgs’ spring season.

Even without Pinto, Keene held no chance of holding WWRFC back. With Pinto still off the field, the ball made its way to right wing Sara Plunkett ’10, who zipped right up the side-line and landed a try, with many Owls hopping hot on her trail. Franklin made an impressive conversion from the right at an incredibly steep angle, bringing the score to 17-0 in favor of the White Dawgs by halftime.

The second half of the game started with a quick skirmish down in the White Dawgs’ 22. Though the team set up the most robust wall of defense, the wily Owls were able to dive through the barriers to score a single try. This mild victory – along with some frivolous whistles from the referee – only inflamed the women’s fervor, and the match concluded with the White Dawgs scoring nine tries overall, five of which came from Rosenthal all on her lonesome. Franklin was a ridiculous 7-9 on conversions for the game. In the words of president Stephanie Brooks ’10, “Like our fathers, some people are uptight. But amidst the whistles, we played our game. The only question that remains is, when’s the next time?”

The B-side game featured an almost entirely full roster of rookies. Tracey Vitchers ’10 punched up the field throughout the game, helping the Killer ‘B’s gain advantageous distance. Impressive play was seen by the second row, particularly from Claudia Corona ’13 and Soraya Membreno ’12. Corona had her rookie try of the season during the match. In the line, Emily Maclary ’10 and Ayesha Shahid ’11 demonstrated fantastic continuity and pop passes. Seasoned player Cat Vielma ’10 helped coach the fledgling team from the backfield. The match ended 5-5.

Following a week in which the White Dawgs will not remove their jerseys, the WWRFC will face rival Amherst this Saturday at Amherst at 11 a.m.

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