One in Two Thousand: Amulya Iyer ’10

With one pant leg rolled up after riding his bike, Amulya Iyer ’10 walked into Paresky Center Friday afternoon and proceeded to greet a crowd of his fans, shaking a few of their hands. Amulya is known by many on campus for his sensitive side, his ability to walk backwards and his massive crush on Williamstown native and future Bachelorette, Ali Fedotowsky.

So first off, what was it like being head tour guide with all the prefrosh around last week?
It’s been busy for sure, but it’s been kind of fun. They are all really excited about Williams, and I remember when I was a prefrosh I was really excited. Definitely busy – Previews was crazy and I was working a couple hours. I just got back from giving a tour right now actually.

Rumor has it you tried out for The Bachelorette.
I sort of watched the previous season of The Bachelor that had Jake Pavelka in it and I couldn’t believe that he didn’t choose Ali. But when I heard that Ali was the next Bachelorette, I thought about how maybe I could have a hometown advantage, and I sent in a photo of myself and my responses for a couple of questions that they ask. I only applied online though, and there are two steps – apparently it’s online first, and then they want you to make a video of yourself, and I wasn’t going to make a video.

You didn’t follow through?
No, not really …

Come on, Amulya! This opportunity doesn’t always present itself!
I know! I didn’t hear back from them and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get on, but I threw my hat in the ring and maybe I’ll meet Ali some other time.

Ali seems pretty special. And she’s a Williamstown girl.
And she’s pretty cute.

Is that the motivation behind all your moves?
And she seemed very fun and sweet! It just seems like she got her heart broken last season. It would have been pretty fun to come back for her hometown date and go to Tunnel City or Pappa Charlie’s, but I guess it wasn’t mean to be …

Well, since The Bachelorette isn’t in your future, do you have any plans for next year?
I am teaching at a high school in Houston, Texas. It’s a private school called The Chinquapin School. It’s pretty cool – it’s a school for economically disadvantaged kids from the Houston city area, and it’s partial boarding. They are all on scholarship there, and they test into the school. It’s the brightest kids from the Houston area who come, so I’m pretty excited. When I visited, it seemed like a really great place. The students were very excited to be there and were very friendly. Never been to Texas before, except when I visited the school. It’ll be an adventure I think, but you know, I’m up for some post-college adventures.

Very cool.  Related to academics, I saw on Facebook that you are listed as a mathlete?
I am actually a bio major. So I don’t go on Facebook often and I don’t change it a lot. My freshman year one of my friends got a hold of my account, and I think it’s listed under jobs that I’m a mathlete when I was going to be a math major. I just never really changed it. I like the idea of mathletes. But then I dropped the math major and now I’m a bio major.

I’d have to say my favorite mathlete is in Mean Girls.
Oh yeah, Kevin G.? I get a lot of Kevin G. references for obvious reasons, I guess. People always ask me if I can rap like him and stuff.

And can you?
No. I like Mean Girls, and I’ve seen it a couple of times. But no, I’m not quite that talented.

Disappointment. Kind of changing gears, I’ve heard that there is an Amulya Special at Goodrich?
I worked at Goodrich last year, and they no longer have the option there anymore since I don’t work there. But basically, the Amulya Special started off as a drink that you could get. So if you order the Amulya Special, it costs the same as a latte, but you weren’t sure what you were going to get. The tagline for it was, “Different and delicious every time.” I basically just made whatever I wanted with different flavor shots and different things, vanilla, chocolate, espresso and chai. Sometimes they tasted really bad, but that was the luck of the draw.

Was there anything consistent to the Amulya Special?
It was always interesting. If two people ordered them on the same day, they could be completely different. There was also the Amulya Special bagel, where you get two different halves of a bagel of my choosing and a cream cheese of my choosing. I think that this was even more fun. Sometimes you’d get three halves of a bagel, if you were lucky.

Do you have any personal favorites at Goodrich?
I always get wheat with chive, even though chive is kind of green and a weird color.

Finally, I know at tour guide training, you were quite a fan of random facts. So do you have any random facts you want the Williams community to know about you?
Oh, well I don’t really have any for me off the top of my head.  I guess I’m pretty normal.

All right, fair enough.
I was talking to my friends yesterday about how I’m just not that interesting and for some reason the Record chose me. I won’t lie – it’s always sort of been a dream of mine to be One in 2000.

Is this interview a culmination of your Williams experience?
It really is actually! I was talking to my friend Jon Morgenstern [’11] who is a One in 2000 alum, and he was chosen one of the first weeks of his freshman year. It took me four years to get noticed!

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