Athletics dept. to contnue JV sports

Director of Athletics Harry Sheehy confirmed that the athletics department will continue to fund JV sports next year.

According to Sheehy, the amount of money budgeted for JV sports ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 per year. He added that while cuts are not being made to the JV sports program, the athletics department is making “significant cuts” in many other areas. He declined to elaborate on where the cuts will be made, because the department has not yet been notified about its final budget. “Like all departments, we have had to look very hard at how we do what we do,” Sheehy said.

“We maintained the JV programs because the Williams College administration understood the value of these activities to a diverse group of students,” Sheehy said. “We will try to run our JV programs as inexpensively as possible, so we are talking to coaches about constructing schedules that are sensible and pragmatic while still maintaining a good experience for the student athletes.”

Sheehy said that he does not yet know whether cuts in the JV sports program will happen in the future. He noted that the College has maintained JV sports even while most other NESCAC schools have abandoned broad JV programs over the past 10 to 15 years.

“It seems to me that everything is on the table every year, but this commitment is important,” Sheehy said. “This is really all about the opportunity to compete for a group of students.”

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