A misinformed review

To the Editor:

As members of Dance Dhamaka, we would like to respond to the review article (“Dhoti Dancing colors stage with visual splendor,” April 21) of our last show, Dhoti Dancing. We appreciate the attention given to the show, but we feel that the article did not capture its essence at all.

Most of the article comprised comments about the story and acting, which clearly shows that it was written without the understanding that we are a dance group. One comment in particular, that we “distinguished [ourselves] with costumes and traditional Indian-style dance moves,” undermines the fact that we dance authentic Indian dances, including Raaz, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra and Fusion.

We would welcome any criticism on our dancing performance, but it is a shame that only our “body rolls” were given attention in the article. We also hoped to receive comments on the dancing merit of Dance Dhamaka members, rather than their “merit[s] as actor[s].” Moreover, referring to dandiya sticks, essential tools for Raaz dance, as “percussion sticks,” and diyas as “electric candles” clearly display the reviewer’s lack of research and understanding of the types of dance styles we bring to this campus.

We are a dance group, not an acting group, and we would like to reemphasize that the point of Dhoti Dancing was to entertain the audience primarily with our nine dances. The storyline was meant to serve merely as an entertaining background. It almost feels like an insult to hear that “the dances served almost as commercial breaks.” For those of you who came out see Dhoti Dancing, we appreciate all the support and hope that you were able to see past the rudimentary acting to the hard work put into the dance pieces.

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