6 Degrees of Separation

Even at a small school like Williams, there’s no way to know absolutely everyone. Let’s face it, there will always be people at Williams who have absolutely nothing in common with you … or do they? Is it possible to find a link between any two students at Williams College? Our mission here is to put the Six Degrees of Separation theory to the test, and to discover whether the students here are more connected than we might have thought.

1. Paula Moren ’12 plays water polo with
2. Elise Baker ’13, who brushes her teeth twice daily in the same bathroom as
3. Annie Dear ’13. Dear runs cross-country and track with
4. Tina Meade ’11, who also knows former track runner
5. Kylie Huckleberry ’11, and Huckleberry’s boyfriend is
6. Charles Seipp ’11.

1. Jacob Kravetz ’10 tosses forehands while playing Frisbee with
2. Stephen Weiss ’12, who lives with
3. Chris Cleary ’12, who plays football.
4. Hill Hamrick ’13 is also on the football team, and shares an entry with
5. Merrilee Weston ’13, who is yet another athlete, on the softball team with
6. Cedar Blazek ’13.

1. Kendall Follert ’13 eats dinner in Driscoll every Monday night with
2. Marco Sanchez ’10, who was pen pals, and now fellow artists, with
3. Allegra Hyde ’10,  who became friends with
4. Sophia Vargas ’10 through a mutual acquaintance, and Vargas is involved in the Berkshire Symphony and physics with
5. Peter Gottlieb ’11, whose fellow astrophysics major is
6. Rob Smith ’10.

1. Dan Gross ’12 has a brother at Williams,
2. Joe Gross ’10. Joe Gross was a JA last year, and
3. Lindsay Olsen ’12 was his frosh. Olsen became friends with
4. Lizzie Fox ’12 when they took two classes together last fall. Fox sings in GQ with
5. Caitlin Eley ’10, who was involved in the play Into the Woods her freshman year, where she became friends with
6. Margot Bernstein ’10.

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