Women’s rugby crushes West Conn. State 22-0

On Saturday, the women’s rugby football club faced Western Connecticut State, its most crafty opponent yet, but easily bested its vicious rivals 22-0 for the win. The White Dawgs now own a 2-0 spring season record.

Just two minutes after kick-off, co-captain Hannah Rosenthal ’10 gained possession of the ball. With a quick burst through West Conn’s flimsy defense line, Rosenthal charged into the try zone to land the White Dawgs’ first try of the game. The scrum continued to make incredible distance up the field, with exceptional play seen from Tracey Vitchers ’10 at second-row and Adena Hernandez ’12 at flanker.

Midway through the first half of the game, the linies demonstrated great continuity in their passes. Quick passes from fly-half Sarah Franklin ’10 got the ball to Sara Plunkett ’10 on the wing. As the barbarous defenders stumbled to gain a hold of Plunkett’s jersey, she zipped past them and into the try zone. This marked both the team’s second try of the game and, perhaps more importantly, this rookie’s first try of her rugby career. The first half of the game ended with some questionable officiating – including two called-back tries – fueling the White Dawgs’ hunger for more tries.

West Conn instigated a kicking competition in the second half of the game, but fullback Ariana Erminy ’13 matched the Ephs’ opponents tit for tat. A slight breakdown in West Conn’s social dynamic allowed Williams a light reprieve as they inched ever closer to the try zone. Once the ball traveled out of the scrum, a quick cut by inside Meagan Braun ’12 scored the White Dawgs’ third try of the game. Franklin’s successful conversion brought the score to 17-0.

The aforementioned kicking match was only resolved by West Conn’s kick deep into center field. However, it was no use for the White Dawgs’ unfortunate opponents. Plunkett caught it clean in the air and ran it up the touch-line into the try zone unassisted. Her lone 70-meter dash left more than a few West Conn ruggers wheezing to catch up with the blur ahead of them. Plunkett’s second try of the game brought the match’s final score to Williams 22, Western Connecticut State 0. In the words of the club’s president Stephanie Brooks ’10, “I painted this victory last night by candlelight, I envision many more for this season.”

The team will host its first home game of the season next weekend, against beloved opponents Keene State at 11 a.m.

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