Style Pop Quiz: Maria Tucker ’10

Maria Tucker ’10. Found walking across the science quad towards her dorm, West.

So, what are you wearing right now?
I am wearing a full-length floral patterned dress with a black cardigan over it. I love the back of this dress too, but you can’t see it. It’s low and has a tie across the back. And knotted brown leather sandals. Oh yeah, and sunglasses on my head. Always on my head, by the way, I never really wear sunglasses on my face. They work as a headband keeping the hair out of my face because I don’t ever like to wear real headbands. They make me look like I’m 12. Which is not good.

Do you often worry about looking too young?
Oh yeah. My goal in life is to look 20. No, 24. Well, old enough to not get carded, but 25 may be a little too old. I want to look more like an adult. Anyway, I stay away from puffy dresses. And I don’t often wear colors. In the winter I stick to black and dark grays. Also, I’m not good at matching, so dark colors make things easier as far as coordination goes. My friend Natalie [Smith ’10] says my style is “mummy chic” because I love to wear black so much.

Have you always preferred wearing darker colors?
Oh no, my wardrobe has changed completely since I’ve been at Williams. As a freshman I used to wear those flared jeans. Remember those? Yeah, those are gone. It’s hard to say exactly how my style has changed; I certainly don’t wear T-shirts with words on them anymore. Maybe you could say I moved away from the mall look to – I don’t know.

Have you found any new accessories to complement your changing wardrobe?
Hmm. My favorite piece of jewelry is definitely a huge, bronze Gothic/Victorian cross on a chain that I happened upon at a flea market in Kentucky. While I normally wear it on the weekends when I’m feeling somewhat rebellious, randomly I like to wear it with a really girly sundress. It’s versatile. Also, last summer I wore a beige safari vest all over Europe. Me and all the old British men were the only ones wearing them. Old British men love those safari vests. And then me. This is actually embarrassing in retrospect.

Let’s say a freak fire burnt down your entire closet – where would you go to for clothes to wear?
I’d probably just go across the hall to Natalie’s room. We have a similar style. You’ll see her wearing a dress that I just wore a couple days ago; we exchange clothes a lot. But as far as shopping, would I have a budget to buy this new wardrobe?

Let’s say no budget – the sky is the limit.
Then I’d get to Neiman Marcus in New York City – that would be totally fun.

Speaking of shopping, how’s the dress hunt going for senior week and graduation?
Oh my god. I think I’m ready. I bought a green chiffon dress that might be too formal. But don’t fear, I have another option. I could wear a really casual dress I own. I guess I will just decide the morning of, you know, after seeing what everyone else is wearing. It’s funny, I feel like my friends and I have been talking about graduation dresses for a while – I don’t think I put this much thought into my prom!

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