Rocking concerts

To the Editor:

Last semester, I went to Wesleyan for a weekend to visit my brother. He said there was a concert that night and we went and saw, in a converted common room that was absolutely jam-packed with people, five excellent student bands. As we left, I asked him if this was some special event. “Oh no,” he replied. “This happens every Friday.”

It seems that, for at least the last few years, people here have thought of concerts as something that happens when touring bands happen to come to town. There have been a few student bands, but shows have tended to be sporadic and not widely known about. Ask your average Williams student, especially in the freshman and sophomore classes, and they’re likely to say they don’t know of any bands on campus.

Now, however, that thinking is changing. At last count, there were six bands on campus rehearsing and waiting to play shows, with several more in earlier stages of formation. Meanwhile, we at the Williams College Radio (WCFM) have decided to get more involved in the campus concert scene by giving these bands shows to play on. Instead of relying on big event spaces like Goodrich that require extensive preparation and are difficult to book, we plan to take advantage of the many excellent smaller spaces that are available for student use but remain largely unused.

Over the course of the rest of the year, WCFM will present a series of concerts to highlight the great talent that exists right here in the College community. The first such show will be the WCFM Spring Showcase on Thursday, April 29. Starting at 8:30 p.m. in Paresky Theater, the show (which is cosponsored by the ’82 Grill) will feature established acts Majordomo and Beastface, as well as the second live performance by Three Mile Island. In early May, we plan to put on a battle of the bands, pitting these groups and others against each other, and plans for a major end of the year concert are already in the works. Please come on down, cheer on the acts and see for yourself – the campus band scene is coming back to life, and it is going to rock.

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