CC gathers ideas to address Harts’ closure

After the Health Center announced to students last month that Harts’ Pharmacy will no longer fill prescriptions, College Council (CC) has been discussing ways to overcome the inconvenience of having to go to Rite Aid on Route 2 for prescriptions.

“After we found out, we immediately started talking with Dean Merrill to figure out how we were going to address this huge loss,” said Ifiok Inyang ’11, CC co-president, adding that CC is working with both Merrill and Ruth Harrison, director of the Health Center.

Ideas for eliminating the need for transportation have included hosting a pharmacy in the Health Center or establishing pharmacy hours at the Health Center; having a Health Center staff member drop off and pick up prescriptions at Rite Aid; or implementing a system in which the College calls prescriptions into Rite Aid and Rite Aid delivers them to the Health Center. Another option would be to have the Health Center fill prescriptions for students and then have students pick up their prescriptions at the Health Center and have the co-pay charged to the term bill.

CC’s additional ideas focus on student transportation to Rite Aid, including hiring a student employee to drive a shuttle twice a day to Rite Aid or expanding the WSO ride board to include a section for rides to the pharmacy.

“We are continuing to work with Rite Aid to solve the problem [of transportation],” Harrison said. “It is more complex than just physically getting the prescriptions. Insurance issues, co-payments, confidentiality all have to be addressed and solved. I hope we will have an answer soon, but it may not be this semester.”

Merrill also said that all involved parties are currently working to find a solution. “I’m glad that CC is taking the time to discuss the issue, and I’ve talked about CC’s suggestions with Emanuel [Yekutiel ’11, CC co-president] and Ifiok,” she said. “I know up front that some of them aren’t possible, but Ruth Harrison, I and others are continuing to try to find some kind of solution to this problem.”

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