Mezze plans relocation from Water St. address

Mezze Bistro and Bar, a restaurant that has served patrons at 16 Water Street for 14 years, will be moving to 777 Cold Spring Rd. – former location of popular dining spot Jae’s Inn – around June 1, according to The North Adams Transcript (“Mezze is moving to former Jae’s location,” March 9, 2010). The owners of Mezze recently received permission from the Williamstown Board of Selectmen to transfer their liquor license from the restaurant’s current location on Water Street to its new location.

In addition, Spring Street Pizzeria and the Purple Pub are also making preparations to open in Williamstown this summer. Owners have received approval for an alcohol-pouring license for the two new venues. The two new restaurants plan to move into their new locations on Spring Street before the College’s commencement weekend. When the Purple Pub opens this summer, it will have new management. Molly Ferioli, who will serve as manager of the Purple Pub, had to undergo questioning at the Town Hall meeting before the restaurant earned liquor certification. “[The selectmen] asked [Ferioli] about her qualifications and to clarify anything they need to,” said Kathy Poirot, administrative assistant for the Board of Selectmen. “At this public hearing they did point out to Molly that she didn’t seem to have experience working within a college town and advised her to be extra diligent checking IDs,” Poirot said. “The rule we were told by the alcoholic commissions was ‘If they don’t have wrinkles, you need to card them.’ They will have TIPS trained people and have scanners for the IDs.”

Amanda Weatherhead ’12 doesn’t believe the relocation of Mezze will affect her patronage because its Water Street address has never meant that she frequents the bistro. “I usually only go when my parents are in town or for a special occasion, like Valentine’s Day,” Weatherhead said.

Several students have expressed interest in trying out Spring Street Pizzeria and The Purple Pub. “I don’t like Hot Tomatoes, but Colonial’s isn’t too bad,” Bianca Martinez ’12 said. “Coming from New York I’m used to a certain kind of pizza. I hope Spring Street Pizzeria is up to par!” Gonpo Lama ’12 gave a specific reason for looking forward to the new pizzeria. “It would be really nice if they could stay open late in case I get the late-night munchies,” Lama said. Alex Cornel ’12 discussed how the Purple Pub could provide a new dining atmosphere. “The Purple Pub sounds like a place that would be good for a nice date,” she said.

Additional reporting by Katy Gathright, news editor.

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