Dorms sustain $8152 in damage charges

Student residences have incurred a total of $8152 in charges for damages since the beginning of the school year, according to Bobbi Senecal, coordinator of facilities services. This represents a considerable drop from last year’s mid-spring semester total of more than $11,000.

In contrast to last year, when incidents at Tyler Annex accounted for $3600 of the damage charges, no single house has amassed a high proportion of the bill. Thus far, according to Senecal, Prospect House has incurred the highest penalties for this year – a total of just over $1200 for a variety of incidents that, among other repairs, necessitated the replacement of a bathroom mirror, the rectification of a discharged fire extinguisher and, on several occasions, the repairing of holes in walls. Williams Hall also racked up large damage charges, totaling $1081.

The other houses with high damage bills include Spencer, with $814; Wood, $756; Garfield, $529; Tyler, $460; Poker Flats, $389; and Currier, $338. Half of all houses, including Tyler Annex, have not yet accrued any damage charges.

Large bills from particular incidents included a $389 charge for damage to the rec room of Poker Flats C Entry and repairs totaling $285 to a utility room door in Garfield. “It appeared that students had broken down the door to retrieve the Beirut tables that were being held there,” Senecal said of the incident, which took place during Dead Week. She added that Garfield was also charged for the removal of the three tables.

The number of incidents requiring bio-cleanups has also declined slightly from last year. This year, there have been two bio-cleanups in East, two in Wood, one in Fayerweather and one in Perry, in contrast to eight over the comparable period last year.
In addition, several damage charges were borne by event organizers rather than house residents. Wood Neighborhood took responsibility for cleanup following a party in Perry, while the rugby and football teams footed the bill for incidents in Spencer House.

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