Style Pop Quiz: Preppy with a twist

I found Robert Khederian ’12 at Paresky on a Saturday afternoon, decked out smoothly and professionally in his outfit of choice, clearly trying to tame his bubbling enthusiasm.

So tell me about what you are wearing right now.
Well, this is a tan corduroy blazer and a red and blue plaid shirt. I am really into plaids, I love plaid shirts. These jeans have more structure and a little more weight in the fabric. My shoes are Red Wing worker snow boots – which are practical but still look nice. I would characterize my whole look as structured, you know, harder materials. My jacket has a tailored fit and my jeans hold their shape.

How do you feel about being labeled as “preppy”?
I guess my style looks like Northeast prep. I am from outside of Boston so I grew up around this style. But I think I would characterize my style as Northeast with a college prep bend to it. I love classic American style – and then I throw in an edge. You could say I put my own spin on 1960s Ivy League prep. I appreciate avant-garde asymmetrical pieces and skinny jeans. Also, I love patterns. I like to mix textured to make a really tactile and visually interesting look which makes you want to touch me. That sounded awkwardly sexual.

So you follow fashion, I presume.
Oh yes. The past few weeks have been fashion week in Milan and London so I haven’t really been getting any work done. I’m big fan of GQ: I agree with their outlook on fashion, the classic American look. Right now I am in love with J. Crew. Their last season could do no wrong in my eyes, I would own every piece. Also, I love Banded Outsiders and Tom Brown. I’m a small guy and the designers for these two places are also short skinny guys, which makes the tailoring perfect for me. And I like to look and appreciate the more expensive department stores – Bergdorf Goodman is my absolute, absolute favorite.

OK, say you roll out of bed and are about to be late to class. What is your go-to piece of clothing?
Well, I know my wardrobe so well that I have my outfits pre-selected in my mind – I know they work. One of these outfits is a white T-shirt with comfy jeans and a cardigan from J. Crew that is both white and black at the same time, like heather gray blown up. I would wear a plaid scarf too. Scarves are like my trademark. I own so many, like 30. I have been collecting them for eight years, but I guess that’s still a disgusting amount of scarves I buy every year! November through March is my scarf-wearing season. The scarf is often the centerpiece of an outfit.

So what styles do you purposefully steer away from?
I just hate to see clothes that don’t fit, like sloppy tailoring. It’s sad to see someone who obviously put time into their look but still looks sloppy because nothing fits the way it should. I would never be caught dead in an ill-fitting suit. I would feel less confidence and energy in an ill-fitting suit.

Is it hard to get clothes tailored in Williamstown?
Well I go home often, so I have a tailor there. I asked one of my professors who obviously cares about the way he looks if he has a tailor here, and he told me he goes to Boston too.

Since its Olympic season, I wondered – if you had to choose one sport uniform to wear all day, which one would you choose?
Oh, easy! The Norwegian curling team’s uniform. I am actually a fan on Facebook of their pants. They are like red and white, maybe blue too; they kinda look like clown pants, but I think they are absolutely hilarious. I would totally be on that team just so I could wear the pants! Someone designing those uniforms had a real sense of humor. I don’t know if they have any special significance. Also curling is just fabulous, I like that it’s weirdly always on TV.

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