One in 2000: Hillary Higgs ’12

Walking into the room of Hillary Higgs ’12, I immediately noticed her large posters of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley – in contrast, her roommate displays a poster of The Princess and the Frog. Upon further observation, her knack for original decoration becomes fully apparent. Perched in the middle of her room on an old cardboard box disguised with a flaming pink shawl-like tablecloth is her TV, which is further decked-out with purple and gold plastic beads.

I’m really surprised at how big your room is.
Oh yeah. Last year, it was a struggle.  We were pick 121, we were like, “Oh my God, what are we going to do?” There was only a double in Spencer left, and of course our pick group had three people. So it was me, my friend Amanda and my friend Lauren. We were like, “Lauren, we can’t live with you, you’re too messy.’”

But she said she’d rather live with someone she didn’t know, so if she didn’t get along with them, she wouldn’t hate us. We ended up picking this room, and we lucked out because it has a bathroom, so we pretty much stay in my room a lot. We don’t have to leave.

Mardis Gras was last week – did you earn those beads?
I could have. They say “the more you show, the more you get,” and I wouldn’t mind the showing but I’m not very well-endowed.  It’s a track thing. We have this constant joke on the team about who has the biggest boobs.

Wouldn’t it be uncomfortable to run like that?
Yeah it is. Track girls complain about small boobs but really, if you had bigger boobs, would you run? You wouldn’t.

So usually we don’t do these interviews in private bedrooms.
I mean, I’m single, 5’5,” I like milkshakes …

And do you enjoy long walks on the beach too?
I do, but I think that’s one of those ones that everyone says.  I would definitely come up with something else. Oh, and speaking of dating, me and my friend from track were talking, and apparently her brother said that online dating isn’t that sketchy anymore.

Since when?
I know, but apparently people just do it now. I still don’t think it’s normal.

I mean, have you ever heard of Chatroulette?

That’s probably for the best.
And I don’t understand Twitter.  I don’t get why anyone would care what anyone is doing the entire day. Personally, I don’t care what anyone else is doing 24/7. [She notices a loud buzzing noise coming from next to her on the bed.] Oh, it’s just the Blackberry. You become a slave to these phones; they beep when you get anything, a text, e-mail, any type of alert. I constantly look at it – everyone calls it the “crackberry.”  I’ll probably let it sit for a while now, because you’re here, but I would check it. It’s flashing. It needs to be attended to.

I noticed you sign all your e-mails with smileys. Do you love emoticons or am I just special?
Oh, I am an emoticon freak. It’s common knowledge that my smiley faces in text messages mean “okay.” When I write to professors on e-mail, I sign “Hillary ☺,” or if it’s a sad e-mail I put a sad smiley.

That’s … interesting.
I mean, once people get to know me they realize it’s just part of my personality.  But yeah, my Facebook statuses are frequently statuses with no words. Just smileys.

Do you ever get smileys back from professors in e-mails?
Yes, I did! [Assistant] Professor [of Latina/o studies] Cepeda sent me back one once.  She had sent me contact information, and I got a little smiley face back.

I hope you got a good grade in that class at least?
I’m in it right now, but things are looking up.

I heard something interesting about you and a possible obsession with the movie Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?
Oh, yeah that’s me. I don’t have any Fresh Prince posters, though I do have Hendrix and Bob Marley and soon to be Lil Wayne, I just haven’t found a poster that I love of him. Lil Wayne can do no wrong in my life either. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air has been my ringtone since freshman year … of high school. I watch the seasons constantly, and the new one is coming out in May, I think – season five still isn’t out.
What do you go by? Hill, Hillary, Higgs, Higgsies?
I go by Hillary, but most people just call me Hill or Hills. Coaches insist on calling me Higgs, though.  Apparently there’s just something about my last name that wants to be said. Sometimes even professors call me that too; I guess it just has that last name effect.

I sympathize. I get ‘Skipsies’ a lot.
See, I can see Skipper, but Higgs isn’t that weird of a last name. And people always think it’s supposed to be Higgins, so they just assume I’ve spelled my name wrong.  But no, I can spell my name.

So basically, all I used to know about you is that you’re a very fast runner.
Yeah that seems to be the Hillary Higgs notable thing. It’s really weird, I know a lot of people on campus through sports and most people who know me are like, “Isn’t she that girl that runs?” So I guess besides running, something I do on campus is I’m a part of John Dingee [’10]’s  5-Cee Clothing board.

What is that?
5-Cee Clothing was an organization established to help build a school in Ghana. We use fashion and art to help raise money. During the whole “Ephs Relief for Haiti” we were the ones selling clothes in Paresky. I’m also a co-leaders of the Women of Color Resource Center, which me and my friend Jess [Torres ’12] started this year. We really focus on community service and we’re going to start working with the ABC House on Hoxsey St. this spring.

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  1. Hill, great interview, but the part about the beads MOM and Dad are going to kill you; so when they do Michael gets the rest of your sneakers. All jokes aside keep up the good work WE ARE ALL PRIDE OF YOU.
    ** love YOUR BIG SIS !!

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