Federal Court dismisses Moore’s civil suit claims

On Feb. 17, a federal court judge ruled against Ernest Moore, formerly Bernard Moore, visiting assistant professor of political science, in his civil suit against the College. The judge granted the College’s request that the court dismiss without trial Moore’s claims, filed in November, that his employment had been wrongfully terminated, that he had been wrongfully denied access to his College apartment after his termination and that he had been wrongfully denied unemployment benefits.

According to Jim Kolesar, assistant to the president for Public Affairs, the judge also took under advisement the College’s request that Moore’s claim of having been wrongfully denied COBRA rights – which allow employees to continue to receive healthcare coverage after employment is terminated – be dismissed without trial.

In addition, the judge denied Moore’s request that the College be ordered to grant COBRA rights while consideration of the matter continues. “Barring any reversal in appeal, this ends the possibility of any ruling that would cost the College money,” Kolesar said.
Moore pleaded guilty on Nov. 9 to fraud exceeding $820,000 and was immediately suspended and subsequently dismissed from his position at the College. On Nov. 25, Moore sued the College for damages in excess of $1.3 million.

The current ruling on the civil suit stands separately from Moore’s criminal case. According to Kolesar, the criminal case is still pending in Washington D.C., and Moore’s sentencing is scheduled for May.

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