MCC to merge director positions

Vice President for Strategic Planning and Institutional Diversity Michael Reed recently announced a change in the directorial structure of the Multicultural Center (MCC). Specifically, the change will merge the current positions of faculty director and administrator director into one director position, beginning in 2012.

“I concur with this plan because I believe it will permit stronger direction of the Center’s mission, its programming and its management,” said Edward Epping, the current faculty director of the MCC and professor of art.

Epping said that the search process has already commenced. Initially, a search committee was formed, consisting of staff, faculty and student members who were invested in the development of the MCC. The director position was subsequently posted in December 2009 “in approximately 18 national, regional and local venues that would attract candidates with the qualifications we were seeking,” Epping said.

The job description for the director position stated that the College is looking for a “visionary leader … providing vision and direction, initiating and guiding MCC programs, providing leadership for its staff, supervising the operation of the office and managing its budget, mentoring student leaders and marshaling other campus resources (human and budgetary) as necessary.” The initial deadline for receipt of applications was Jan. 28.

An initial screening of the received applications will soon be performed and a number of candidates will be selected who will pass on for further review. The MCC hopes to be able to invite two to four candidates for on-campus interviews before spring break. The candidates will meet with the search committee, the Minority Coalition (MinCo), other student organizations affiliated with MinCo, curricular programs/departments and various administrative personnel. They will be invited to offer some form of a public presentation and will have the opportunity to meet with members of the community.
The search committee, in consultation with Human Resources will then make a recommendation to Reed, according to Epping.

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