Winter Carnival to feature Radio Riot

For this year’s Winter Carnival concert, All-Campus Entertainment (ACE) has booked the band Radio Riot, which plays 1980s and 1990s cover music. The concert will take place on Thursday, Feb. 18, at 10:30 p.m. in Goodrich. An after-party will follow in the same location.

According to Brian Shepherd ’11, ACE concert organizer, Radio Riot will cost roughly $2500, an expenditure that falls below the organization’s planned Winter Carnival budget of $3000. Last year, ACE spent $8500 to book the band Framing Hanley for Winter Carnival.

“This year has involved adjusting budgets across campus so ACE doing the same isn’t much of a surprise,” Shepherd said. “We took some major hits, but we’re doing our best with it. Having a popular cover band instead of an original recording artist is a part of that.” ACE is not co-sponsoring the event with any other campus organization or institution.

Shepherd noted that the New York-based band has performed for campus before, including an event in Currier last year that was terminated early by Campus Safety and Security for crowd control purposes. “They’ve come a few times over the last two years, and have always been really popular,” he said. “Rest assured they will not get shut down this time.”

Winter Carnival represents one of the three big weekends for which ACE has budgeted programming this year, in addition to Homecoming and Spring Fling. After conducting an all-campus vote for Spring Fling band picks, ACE is still in the process of booking talent. Shepherd explained that ACE does not know when it will be able to announce the Spring Fling headliner because of the contract negotiation process.

Shepherd expects high attendance at the Feb. 18 concert. “We’re pretty confident that we’ll be at or over capacity in Goodrich at the peak of the night,” Shepherd said.

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