One in 2000: Alex Sera ’13

After meeting Alex Sera ’13 at a party the night before our interview and very recently becoming Facebook friends with her, I was eager to get to know this freshman who seems to have a notoriously good time, all the time.

It was nice to meet you last night.

Yes, last night I was in great spirits.

Did you have a good rest of the night? Any noteworthy stories?

Plenty of noteworthy stories. None that I want on record.

That’s fair. I totally understand wanting privacy. Especially at Williams. So I think we were paired together for this interview because we both share a passion for Williams athletics. I personally love basketball, but can you pick a favorite team?

My favorite team without a doubt is the men’s ice hockey team. And the women’s ice hockey team as well. I love ice hockey.

What inspired this love?

Well, back home in Annapolis we don’t have a huge ice hockey scene as far as high school goes, so I never got into it just because it didn’t exist. But I love that here I can be an active fan or, as some might call it, a super fan. I love that.

Would you ever call yourself a groupie?

Oh, absolutely not.

Do you think you have ever been called a groupie?

I’m sure people assume that, but the ice hockey players are actually just all my bros. All of my best guy friends are all the little freshmen [on the team].

Are they going to be happy you just called them “little”?

Probably not.

Since you are so spirited, I’m sure you loved Homecoming. How did you prepare for such a big day?

We decorated a golden cooler. It was originally not golden, but we fixed that with some spray paint. And then I created a “W” of sorts without a stencil – it was a free hand “W.” It was pretty impressive. I’m not very creative, so it was a big step in my life for me just to expand my horizons. That’s what Williams is all about. But there was really big drama with the cooler …

[Coincidentally, my friends had stolen Alex’s cooler on Homecoming and I was unsure if she had ever gotten it back.]

Do you know where the cooler is now?

We retrieved the golden cooler last Wednesday.

I’m glad it’s finally back with its rightful owner and that you enjoyed the champagne left in it. Not that I stalked you on Facebook or anything, but I’m aware that you made some other Homecoming accessories.

I take my pregaming extremely seriously, and I was inspired by a scene from the movie Rambo First Blood where Rambo has machine gun bullets strapped to his body. I did that with alcoholic bullets. I had to go through several prototypes of the belt to see what would work best. I didn’t want anything too bulky so I decided to go with duct tape, but I needed to ensure that when I detached a miniature, the belt would still remain intact.

I was very impressed with that belt. So along with Homecoming and hockey games, what are you favorite events at Williams?

Anything at Goodrich just lights my fire. I love Goodrich.

What about Goodrich?

I just love to drop it, drop it low girl. That’s what I’m all about.

I’ve also heard you really like Wings and Things night at Mission Dining Hall.

Yes, Wings and Things is essentially the embodiment of everything I enjoy. Mission dining, fried food, spicy food and pizza.

For those of us who do not frequent Mission, can you describe Wings and Things? Did you name it this?

No, that’s actually what it says on the menu online. I wish I was that creative. Wings and Things occurs pretty much every Wednesday. It’s not [definite], but you can assume it’s gonna be on a Wednesday. Sometimes they mix it up and surprise you. It has tacos, wings with three different dipping sauces and pizza.

It seems like you have learned a lot already, even though you’ve only been here for a semester. Any other insights?

Well, I have a few rules for Williams. First, never go to Sawyer.

I can’t agree with that. I love Sawyer.

This may lead you to believe that I go to Schow, but I in fact avoid libraries of all sorts. I get my studying done in my bed. I have a studying side and a recreational side. When I am on one side, I am in work mode, and when I move to the other side, I Facebook and chat. Another rule is never go to Greylock Dining Hall.

Okay, I can agree with you on that last one.

And my final rule for a while was never to go to Hoxsey Street, but some rules are meant to be broken.

Especially during Winter Study. At this point in the interview I want to bring up something that I’ve heard is one of your biggest secrets: your love of Greek mythology.

It’s actually top secret. The most secretive of things. But yeah, I’m secretly really into Greek mythology. When I was in the second grade my mother decided I was watching way too much TV because I was going through a Boy Meets World marathon phase like every day.

Love Boy Meets World. Love Topanga.

Yeah she’s great. But not anymore. She blew up.

So true.

So in second grade my mom decided that my only entertainment would be reading, and unfortunately the only reading materials in my home were books upon books of Greek mythology. So by the time I was 10, I had read every single textbook in my home and was pretty much an expert on Greek mythology.

That sounds like a very Williams thing to do.

Yeah. My greatest moment in class is when I can say something confidently on Greek mythology. That’s the only time I say anything remotely intelligent.

Who would you be if you could be any character from Greek mythology?

I would probably be Artemis. She rules. She is essentially the original feminist, and I am all about the feminist cause. I’m all about being an empowered woman of the 21st century, if you look at my Facebook interests.

Amen. So what are your other hobbies?

Laxing so hard, hanging so hard and going to class despite popular belief.

I hear you are a creative, witty writer.

Yes, I love writing.

Any interest in writing for the Record?

Umm … [thinks it over briefly] Yeah, why not? “Why not?” That’s what I always say. But I’m an extremely private person so I could never write about my personal life. I like to keep my personal life just that … personal.

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